Mahindra XUV400 | Drive 2 Death |

Mahindra's XUV400 is the latest EV compact crossover hatchback on the market. It's peppy to drive and is in fact the quickest India manufactured car we have tested to date on our channel. But sadly that matters little for this drive, as we're going to drive it in a sensible manner, draining one complete charge in an attempt to see just how far the XUV400 will go. 


With the 39.4kWh batteries topped up the range showed 308 kilometers despite a lofty 456 kilometer manufacture claimed range. And this further dropped to 280 odd kms with the air con turned on. So just how far would the XUV400 really go was really a mystery to be solved. 


Our route included some highway driving, a couple of hilly roads with some steep climbs and a good measure of city traffic to negotiate too. So a good representation of some proper real world driving conditions. 

 Mahindra XUV400 EV:

  • by Nabeel Khan
  • April 28, 2023
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