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Suzuki Access 125 BS4 User Reviews

Based on 579 reviews & 2367 rating
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  • 4.2
    I own the 2012 Model the

    I own the 2012 model the engine is yet powerful and i get approximately 40 km per liter mileage.It a good bike and has given me really good service.

  • 3.8
    This will be a lengthy and

    This will be a lengthy and detailed review of my 2019 access bs4.I will be posting the pros and cons at the end so you can skip this and go there.• the best in segment for family use and is practical in every bit.• has ample amount of power and torque.No hiccups in going up hilly areas.• fit and finish is decent, There are no vibrations from the parts and no loose fits.But there is some panel gaps at the front, Front mudguard and front side panels are metal.If you install the guards, There is a very good chance for rust to form in between both surface.If the rust form, They will spread quickly.So it is advisable to use some kind of rubber in between them before installing.• i own the disk with cbs.The brake bite in front is not good with cbs.But the brake works good, But doesn't give much feedback to the rider.•the scooter will wheelie if you input more than enough acceleration when going uphill or drive over a bump with a pillion.It will wheelie a lot even if you drive up hilly areas if you don't put enough weight on the front.I have gone through steep inclines and the wheelie issues have scared me to the bones.It will make it dangerous to ride.The suspension in rear was bad with pillion going over rough road and bumps.It is also really soft.The front forks and oil seals are strong and will handle rough roads.There as cases of alloy wheels cracking while hitting gutters at speeds.I have ridden about 400km in a single day.It was mostly in highway and was able to cruise in 60-70 without much strains.There wasn't any sound change or over heating after doing it, Also the oil level stayed even.Coming to the reliability part.The scooter won't last long if you use it as a workhorse without regular maintenance.Bad fuels, Harsh driving, Heavy loads over hilly areas and cold conditions will affect effect the engine.I have seen many access with complaints than any other scooters and i have seen many access owners who are completely satisfied.If you are thinking about buying one, I advise you to maintain it very well, Do periodic oil changes.Do all the services from the showroom itself till 25k kms, Its the best option if you want it to last longer.Also get the extended warranty since it covers everything from top to bottom which are prone to breaking down.Do take note on the sound of the engine and clutch side everyday.If you start to notice any difference, Go to the service center and get it rectified as soon as possible.Don't run the engine for long without resolving any problems.Access is well reputed for its tappet issue.Harsh driving, No regular maintenance will cause premature tappet issues.Change the oils at right intervals and always look the oil dipstick atleast every month.If it is getting lower, Top up it until the next service and talk it to the service advisor.If you are planning to service it by your own, Use 10w30 oil specifically made for scooters, Ie jaso mb specified.Don't put expensive synthetic oils made for bikes.This will ruin the engine and result in bad fuel economy.I changed the oil to motul 4t 10w30.It is great and makes the engine operation smooth.The mileage is around 55-58kms for me in eco mode.Harsh drive and in city it gives anywhere around 40-50.The handling is really good.There are no vibrations while going off the line and while doing over 80kms.Ride quality is very good and there is good amount of power till 70kmph.Overtaking isn't an issue.Acceleration is linear and smooth.The seat has more than enough room for rider and pillion, The footboard is long and wide, Underseat storage is adequate.Rear grab handle does its job but its coating is soft and gets scrapped of easily.Lights in bs4 is decent.I don't know about the throwin bs6.Fuel filler under the seat was a hassle while going for rides with luggage on the back.That issue has been solved in bs6, But the convenience isn't there because you will have to get out and put the key on the cap itself so that is a bummer.Since i get about 55kms in highway, I can assure you that you will get more than that in bs6 if you ride in economy.I felt the handle bars wasnt wide enough for me to rest my hands comfortably, So i have installed plastic bar end caps of honda unicorn.I do about 40 kms a day mostly in highways so the annoying and i get fed up everytime starting it.If your scooter doesn't start even after 3 tries, I suggest you to do kick start.The accelerator cable sometimes becomes hard, But it was resolved from the service center.The accelerator loses its grip after 1year.Hard to maintain it in rain.So get aftermarket ones.The switch gear quality is above average.The paint quality is also good.But long exposure in sunlight will fade it.The plastic parts are good quality and doesn't fade even after long exposure in sun.The speedometer glass is also good quality in bs4 and doesn't crack.The front wheel is very sensitive to tyre pressure.I keep it at 22 psi.But it gets lowered upto 18 within 2 weeks.You can notice the difference while going slow.The seat cushioning is decent for everyday use.I suggest you to get more soft padding if you plan to go for long rides.Mirrors give good view.I suggest putting a blind side view mirrors on them for safety.Horn is decent and loud, You can change it if you want.You can change the pilot bulbs to led, It will put less load on the alternator.Advantages• the best practical 125 scooter available in the market now.• fits for senior citizens as well as youths.• good power and torque for everyday use and decent for highway rides.• handling is good in all speeds• cbs works well in wet area and in dry roads.• very good luggage carrying space and pillion space.• pillion comfort is best in the market• suspension is soft and absorbs almost all road irregularities.• decent mileage anywhere from 40-58.It depends on mainly how you ride it.• handlebar is high which makes it comfortable for taller riders.The seat is also short enough for shorter riders.• full capacity is about 5.8 l (correct me if i'm wrong) so you can get a range of over 300kms.Very decent for long rides.• very comfortable engine operation and smooth drive.• clutch is long lasting and doesn't heat up much.• there are very less vibrations in the panels• panels are tough and strong enough.Disadvantages• front wheel will lift up while going uphill.This is more than in any scooters.• engine is not bullet proofs.Needs regular maintenance and regular checkups.• stock wheels are not grippy enough.• metals parts are prone to rust.• paint gets easy scratched.• disk with cbs breaking doesn't give feedback to the rider.• there is very good ground clearance but the centre stand always stays low and hits humps, Gutters and curbs.This is a last minute though of the engineers adding the centre stand it seems.Final verdict.This scooter may require more maintenance than other scooters in the market, But if taken good care of, It will last you around 75000kms without any major engine works.If you want a comfortable spacious, Refined 125cc scooter, I will say go for it.But if you are having a busy lifestyle and cannot maintain it, I suggest you go for other brands other than buying this and complaining about the problems.As i said, I own bs4 model and i am completely satisfied it.I am looking forward to clock 1lack km before giving it away.

  • Driving experience

    The driving experience of access 125 is delightful and user-friendly its nimble handling and comfortable seating capacity also it has nice engine

  • 4.6


  • Since the purchase of my

    Since the purchase of my two wheeler almost 15 years ago, I have been having wonderful driving experience with absolutely no issues, Botu singles and doubles.The pick up is excellent.Mileage is on par, In fact way better compared to the other similar vehicles.The service cost is quite reasonable and been quite satisfied with the charges and the engine is extremely efficient and smooth.The build quality is very sturdy and accommodates well.Overall it exceeds my expectations.

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