Odysse Electric Evoqis Expert Reviews

Odysse Electric Evoqis
Odysse Electric Evoqis
Rs. 1.71 Lakh
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Odysse Electric Evoqis User Reviews

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  • Charger point

    My husband's hand was injured when he charged the odysse evoquis bike even without powering on the switch.It was caused because of the low quality material used in the charger point (rubber).The power came from the vehicle itself which is quite shocking.The explanation given by aban motors is that chargingĀ socket was loose and due to the lack of quality of the material (rubber material) used for the charger and the socket, Some earthing issue occurred and the situation happened.

  • This EV has a good sporty

    This ev has a good sporty design+ it's an fully faired bike so you won't get too much wind blast.It's top speed is also enough for city rides.Go ahead and take a test drive.You can definitely consider it.

  • Nice model

    Nice model i like the way its design its look like awesome i'll purchase this bike soon as possible

  • 5.0
    Awesome bike

    Awesome bike.Feeels like i am in the air.Awesome sound and design.Feels like i am in love with this bike.

  • It is so much cool bike feel

    It is so much cool bike.Feel luxury.I love this bike.Best electric bike i have seen.

  • "Effortless Adventure with the Odysse Electric Evo

    Take advantage of the Odysse Electric Evoqis Electric Bike's luxury and effectiveness. With its cornucopia of superior factors and environmentally friendly design, I am fond of this model because it provides good avail and true riding sapience. The Evoqis provides comfortable seats and a smooth lift, icing a affable and opulent holiday . Its electricmotor transmits evanescent force and silent exertion, driving it to make a judgement that's earth- apprehensive. The Evoqis' surface design exudes complication and intricacy, while the highlights give space and innovative trendsetters. GeniI use dailys I use daily its abundant natural coffers,eco-friendly conditioning, and affordable support. nonetheless, implicit downsides might include a limited range and extended charging ages.

  • an amazing electric motorcycle

    With a peak speed of 80 kmph, the Odysse Electric Evoqis is an amazing electric motorcycle. The Evoqis has a respectable range and performance, even if its 6-hour charging time is typical for many electric vehicles. The green colour choice is really attractive to me and is appropriate for an environmentally friendly bike. With its mix of features, appearance, and performance, the Evoqis offers exceptional value for an electric two-wheeler at a price of Rs. 1.71 Lakh. It is a fantastic option for riders seeking to embrace electric mobility and take advantage of a dependable and environmentally responsible trip.

  • 5.0
    Test drive

    Hi, I had a chance to test drive this bike in hennur, Bangalore.It was an amazing experience.Had a feel of riding a supersport like kawasaki ninja.Ride position, Weight balance and comfort is next level.Now, I changed my mind, No more petrol bikes.Let's go green.If you're planning to buy a electric bike and not a scooter.Then, This is the right choice and you won't regret.Admiration guaranteed no matter wherever you go.-johnnygreater chennai.

  • Best service ever

    Excellent sales and service team in cochin (aban motors). Excellent customer service in this showroom. Also, they provided onsite service. My friend also said the same service experience with this dealer. Riding is superLooks is very nice and attractiveLow-cost maintenance compared with fuel models. I feel within seconds can reach 50 above.

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