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  • Setting the Standard for Urban Commuting

    The Ather 450S has completely altered the dynamics of the electric scooter industry introducing a combination of marvelous performance, stylish elegance together with utmost sustainability. Its short wheelbase, sharp-angled design, integrated electronics and agile handling create a suitable city-riding platform. An incredibly powerful motor turns the electric experience to a quick start, while the battery technology means you can push to the max on a single charge. The scooter is fitted with an interesting and colorful screen dashboard with the available touch functionality, which sends real-time information as well as navigational assistance to the rider.

  • Good for daily rides

    Ather 450S is a very enjoyable scooter and i am gettting 70 km of driving range in the sport mode. My daily drive with this scooter is the 28 km and is packed with the features and comes with the bluetooth connectivity but the charging time is high. The boot space is good but the performance is not that good. for me in daily riding this electric scooter is good for me and cost effective and doing well in my daily routine but the range could be more.

  • 5.0
    Driven 450s

    I have driven 450s it is nice it is also better than the ola it has also sports mode which make the ride very cool

  • promising premium quality rides

    The Ather 450S is a cool electric scooter. It looks nice and goes fast in the city. The screen on it is easy to use for maps and settings. Riding it feels comfy with a strong motor and good suspension. You can go a good distance before needing to charge, and it charges up quickly. But, it's a bit expensive bike. Overall, if you want a good, high-tech scooter for city trips, the Ather 450S is a good bike

  • Future of Electric Mobility with Ather 450S

    The Ather 450S, which combines powerful technology with environmentally friendly Design, provides a peep into the now of electric transportation. This program has fully won my reference as someone who loves sustainability and originality. Its electric drivetrain and Modern technologies set it piecemeal as a top option foreco-conscious commuters. The 2 wheeler is my first option for embracing the now of City transportation because of its Star capacity to give both capability and Performance.

  • Power of Electric Riding Ather 450S Test Drive

    The Ather 450S is a high- Performance electric scooter that blends Modern technology with thrilling Performance, allowing you to experience the exhilaration of electric riding. This scooter provides an Advanced , exhilarating, and environmentally sustainable riding experience with its powerful electric machine, nimble running, and Modern technology. I've the utmost reference for this model because of its electric Power and dynamic Performance, which have won my entire adoration. I have been actually impressed by the 450S's electric riding and thrilling Performance, which makes it a top liberty for exhilaration- campaigners and environmentally conscious riders likewise. snare the Ather 450S Test Drive and i'm ready to unlock the manpower of electric riding.

  • Where Innovation Meets Sustainability

    Discover how invention and sustainability will attend in the now of transportation with the Ather 450S. This electric scooter offers an operative and environmentally salutary shape of transportation by linking Modern technology witheco-friendly Design. The Ather 450S delivers a ultrapractical and environmentally scrupulous ride for City commuters thanks to its Style Design, improved features, and zero- emigration operation. The Ather 450S impresses with its quiet operation and sharp Performance, whether it's riding on the trace and through city Highways. Every hand of the Ather 450S, from its clever networking features to its Modern battery technology, has been painstakingly drafted to give an surprising electric riding experience.

  • Ather 450S: A Smooth City Commuter

    I am sharing my experience after spending a few months riding the Ather 450S on crowded city roads. The touchscreen dashboard is a welcome feature providing navigation and ride statistics at your fingertips. The attractive design and futuristic feel of this electric scooter is unique. The range of the Ather 450S is relatively limited which may be a concern for long trips or charging stations are scarce in your area. I was looking for an eco friendly ride for city commuting and was willing to invest in quality and technology so I found the Ather 450S to be the perfect option for me.

  • Powerful and smart Electric scooter

    The Ather 450S is a stylish and efficient electric commuter motorcycle that balances performance and affordability. It is equipped with a refined electric motor that produces sufficient power and a well-designed battery pack promising a range of up to 115 km in ideal conditions. The digital dashboard provides crucial information at a glance while the anti-shock absorbing suspension help deliver a comfortable ride. With its’ high level of practicality, good boot space and easy controls, I strongly recommend it. It is an excellent choice for everyday commuting in urban places.

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