Mahindra Mojo: Long Term Review, Fleet Introduction

The Mahindra Mojo joins the ZigWheels long term fleet. We tell you how it has performed after a month and a 1,000km


Mahindra Mojo



Ever since Mahindra first unveiled the Mojo, I haven’t quite admired the way it looks. And considering that it was Mahindra’s debut into the performance bike segment, I was a little skeptical about it too. However, listening to Arun sing praises about the motorcycle when he came back from the first ride, made me lunge for the keys when it joined the ZigWheels fleet. 


With the 2015 ZigWheels Awards and the 2016 Auto Expo resulting in a hectic travel schedule, I haven’t been able to clock the kind of kilometers on the Mojo as I would have liked. But that hasn’t stopped me from making a few quick trips to Pune and back. Having ridden it for over a 1,000km I am gradually starting to like the kind of character that the motorcycle has. 


I was extremely impressed by how smoothly the engine delivers power. The 295cc single-pot unit has a strong mid-range that makes it apt for highway cruising. Keep the Mojo between 110-120kmph and it feels absolutely at home but push it beyond that and it starts to feel a bit strained. Engine aside, the Mojo boasts of a plush ride quality and takes averaged sized potholes with relative ease. It is a good bike to cruise on the highway and a very comfortable one at that. The biggest disadvantage of the Mojo though is its weight. With close to 175kg with a full tank of fuel, the Mojo is a heavy bike and this starts getting obvious when you try to maneuver the bike in the city. The brakes are another letdown of the Mojo and the absence of ABS is felt. Thankfully the Pirelli Diablos make up for this in a big way.


With my schedule now expected to get a little more relaxed, I am hoping to take the Mojo for a weekend ride and spend some more time on the saddle. And I know for sure, while I am still struggling to make peace with the Mojo’s design, its bulky personality garners a lot of curiosity and attention from the commoners. 


Date acquired: December 2015

Total km till date: 1,350

Overall fuel efficiency: 29.1 kmpl

Cheers: Ride quality, Engine, Tyres

Sneers: Weight, Fuel Efficiency


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