Gear Review: KKE Glasso Glass Concentrate Cleaner

A cleaning product that is good for the environment


KKE Glasso concentrated car glass cleaner



KKE Glasso glass concentrate cleaner (100ml)

Used for: 1 Month


KKE Glasso concentrated car glass cleaner




Rs 85 (available on

Rs 120 (available on


3M Car Care Glass Cleaner (250ml): Rs 149 (

KKE Glasso concentrated car glass cleaner



Let's face it, for most working professionals there are very few days in a month where we can have a long cleaning session for our beloved cars/bikes. But when we do have that time, products like KKE Glasso are available to make us feel better by promising a better cleaning experience than normal.


KKE Glasso concentrated car glass cleaner



Who is KKE?

KKE is a Nagpur-based company which started operations in 1993. KKE deals in all types of car wash and cleaning products from DIY cleaning equipment to professional grade automated car/bus/truck washes. KKE has its own website from where you buy its products, the products are also available on online retail stores like


KKE Glasso concentrated car glass cleaner



What's the KKE Glasso?

KKE Glasso is a glass cleaning product for automotive windshield and windows. It is a concentrate which needs to be diluted with water before use. The bottle has enough content for around 100 washes.

KKE claims that this concentrate is bio-degradable, which should be good for the environment.


How is it?

There is hiccup even before starting to use Glasso, the bottle lid is flimsy and refused to close properly. Most of the concentrate leaked in transit - we hope this was a one-off issue.

KKE recommends that you spray a fine mist of the cleaning mixture (1:10 concentrate-to-water ratio) onto a glass surface and then just simply wipe it with a clean microfibre cloth. This is the first problem with concentrated solutions - they are not easy to use. You have to find a spray bottle, get the mixture right (if it is too strong the mixture could damage the glass, if too diluted then it doesn't clean properly) and only then will you be able to use it as intended. But once you get the solution right, it is easy to use. The spray and wipe application is pretty easy and the bottle should last around 50 washes per car.

It is very difficult to quantify the performance of the glass cleaner as you get around the same amount of cleanliness with a regular shampoo cleaner which will cost as much as the KKE car cleaner anyway. It's just that the cleaner does not pollute the environment like your regular cleaner.



Does not affect the environment.

As economical as using regular shampoo.



Not a ready-to-use product.

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