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Yezdi Scrambler
Yezdi Scrambler
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  • I have been riding

    I have been riding yezdi scrambler last 18 months.Now i am facing engine oil leakage problem in my bike.

  • Very good for ride nest ride

    Very good for ride nest ride i have done and smooth working condition and breaks are amazing

  • Road presense

    Road presence of a yezdi scrambler is better than triumph.It is a multipurpose bike, Also the suspension setup is too impressive.

  • 3.0
    I have been using this bike

    I have been using this bike since last 2 years.My experience about this bike is not so good.It has made me aware of all cases of bike breakdowns like switching off engine at runtime, Chain sleeping and locking wheels, Etc.Equally i didn't find its ride comfortable for long runs because of seat and heating issue.Build quality of bike isnt that great.There are limited service centers which are making holes in my pocket as cost is very high and comparatively service is poor.If anything is positive about jawa and yezdi bikes that will be design, Colors, Road presence, Breaking, Light handle and quick pickup.Personally i wont recommend jawa and yezdi bikes.

  • Yezdi scrambler

    I got the chance to rent and ride a yezdi scrambler in bir billing, Himachal pradesh.I found myself so lucky to get this bike because of it's effortless performance and ride comfort.The bike was butter smooth on small bad patches of the road and so with the major ones.One thing i disliked about this bike is it's power delivery on lower rpms, Which i felt that it could be improved a little.Rest assured, This bike won't disappoint you.

  • 4.2
    I bought scrambler on 2nd

    I bought scrambler on 2nd march since then i have ridden almost 7k and my experience is quite good.The riding comfort is good i just needed to soften the rear a little bit for the bounce back effect.Build quality of the bike is surreal like i have dropped it many times but the only thing which broke was the front brake lever and minor scuffs on the exhaust which are not even visible now.Performance wise speaking its not meant for high speed to be honest it is quick.There are some vibrations not as much like you can’t tolerate them.Features wise it’s good personally i don’t care about features it has two trip meters gear position indicator a clock charging port both usb as well as c and switchable abs.The after sales service is also nice i tried two service centres and both served on par with each other.I faced an issue with the oil seal of the head gasket not a big deal but they changed it under half an hour under warranty which is really good i like that.If the weight of the bike and the mileage doesn’t bother you i see no flaw in it just get the bike and have happy miles.The 2023 update has made it more smoother refined and easy to ride in city traffic now it doesn’t knock as much as mine.

  • 4.6
    Excellent machine

    I have been driving this excellent machine for past 2 months it has the same performance and quality same as new one.All the features including riding modes, Duel abs brakes are excellent till date.The bike has very cool lighting both from front and back.The pickup of the bike is the best part because the way you feel is like flying in the road it has different pickup in each gears.I really love overall experience and has fantastic sales service and the registration of the vehicle was taking longer than expected but if we force the dealer they will do it as soon as possible.Now coming to cons of the vehicles as far there is no major problemd but to be honest the bike has vibration compared to other vehicles but not as bad as royal enfield yes, This what i have experienced the negatives of the bike but overall the riding experience is really excellent 👍👍👍👍if have option of buying yezdi scrambler blindly go for it😃🏍️🏍️🏍️ mileage i get- city-25 to 30 - highway -27 to 32.

  • "Unleash Off-Road Excitement with the Yezdi Scramb

    I use daily the Yezdi Scrambler bike to expel my energy for tough terrain. This model has captured my heart because of the provision it offers solid avail and real riding sapience, packed with knowledge and rigidity. The Yezdi Scrambler offers open seating and a thrilling lift, icing that you can fluently conquer colorful geographies. It's a dependable chum for thrilling peregrinations becaI use daily to its engine regions of strength for transports and superb rough terrain capabilities. The Yezdi Scrambler's outside design exudes ruggedness and classic charm, while the factors give comfort and mileage. Professionals I use daily it becaI use daily of its features for delicate terrain, comfortable ergonomics, and solid form quality. In any event, possible downsides may recall engineways' limited top pets.

  • the annals of motorcycling heritage

    Embrace the art of a defunct period with the Yezdi Scrambler, an impeccable emulsion of quaint aesthetics and ultramodern prowess. Its nostalgic design echoes the history, while a redoubtable machine ignites an adrenaline- fueled trip. drafted for style and comfort, the Yezdi Scrambler beckons for civic junkets and open- road peregrinations likewise. painlessly maneuvering through both cityscapes and rugged trails, the bike's dexterity adds a sweet touch to every lift. While subtle tweaks could polish the experience, the Yezdi Scrambler's appeal remains inarguable, witching both those fond of classic motorcycles and those new to the exhilaration, etching a fresh narrative in the annals of motorcycling heritage.

  • Classic Charm Meets Adventurous Spirit

    Yezdi Scrambler is a conventional-inspired motorbike that seamlessly blends vintage charm with off-street capability. Its undying design, harking back to classic scramblers, showcases interest to detail and durability. Powered through a succesful 293cc engine, it excels on city roads and light off-street trails. The bike's agility off-avenue is complemented by way of knobby tires and excessive ground clearance, handing over a thrilling adventure revel in. While preserving its classic aesthetics, contemporary functions like LED lighting fixtures and a digital-analog device cluster enhance functionality. Offering awesome fee, the Scrambler caters to enthusiasts who are looking for both nostalgia and journey in a unmarried ride.

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