Get A New Nissan Magnite Through CSD Outlets At Rs 1.54 Lakh Less Than List Price

Defence personnel can get a discount of up to Rs 1.81 lakh on a Nissan model from the Canteen Store Department (CSD)

  • Most of the Magnite’s variants are available at discounted prices, except for the dual-tone variants.

  • The Kicks SUV’s top-spec variant gets the biggest discount of Rs 1.81 lakh.

  • All five trims of the redi-GO are available as part of the special CSD pricing.

  • Only the manual and automatic variants of the ‘T’ trim of the GO and GO+ are listed.

Defence personnel who wish to buy a Nissan or a Datsun car can do so from any CSD store across the country. The best part of it all? They can purchase these models at discounted prices. 

All Nissan and Datsun cars, including the Japanese carmaker’s latest launch, the Magnite sub-4m SUV, are available at special prices. The other models to have gotten this benefit are the Nissan Kicks, Datsun redi-GO, Datsun GO, and Datsun GO+.



Retail Price 

CSD Price



Rs 5.59 lakh

Rs 4.82 lakh

Rs 77,000


Rs 6.32 lakh

Rs 5.27 lakh

Rs 1.05 lakh


Rs 6.99 lakh 

Rs 5.88 lakh

Rs 1.11 lakh

XV Premium

Rs 7.68 lakh

Rs 6.66 lakh

Rs 1.02 lakh

XL Turbo

Rs 7.49 lakh

Rs 6.13 lakh

Rs 1.36 lakh

XV Turbo

Rs 8.09 lakh 

Rs 6.74 lakh

Rs 1.35 lakh

XV Premium Turbo

Rs 8.89 lakh

Rs 7.43 lakh

Rs 1.46 lakh

XL CVT Turbo

Rs 8.39 lakh

Rs 6.90 lakh

Rs 1.49 lakh

XV CVT Turbo

Rs 8.99 lakh

Rs 7.52 lakh

Rs 1.47 lakh

XV Premium CVT Turbo

Rs 9.74 lakh

Rs 8.20 lakh

Rs 1.54 lakh

Multiple variants of the Magnite, one of the most affordable models in its segment, are available at discounted prices going up to Rs 1.54 lakh for the top-spec XV Premium CVT Turbo. However, the dual-tone variants are not part of the CSD listing, and hence, not available at any special price. 



Retail Price 

CSD Price



Rs 9.99 lakh

Rs 8.80 lakh 

Rs 1.19 lakh

XV Turbo MT

Rs 12.09 lakh

Rs 10.58 lakh

Rs 1.51 lakh

XV Premium Turbo MT

Rs 12.99 lakh

Rs 11.39 lakh

Rs 1.60 lakh

XV Premium (O) Turbo Dual Tone MT

Rs 14.19 lakh

Rs 12.42 lakh

Rs 1.77 lakh

XV Premium Turbo CVT

Rs 14.64 lakh

Rs 12.83 lakh

Rs 1.81 lakh

Multiple variants of the Kicks SUV are also available at slashed prices. The top-spec XV Premium turbo-petrol CVT is Rs 1.81 more affordable than its actual price, making it the highest saver among all the cars listed here. However, the base-spec XL, XV Premium (O) Turbo, and XV Turbo CVT don’t carry any benefit.

Datsun Cars


Retail Price 

CSD Price


redi-GO A

Rs 3.97 lakh

Rs 3.28 lakh

Rs 69,000

redi-GO T

Rs 4.25 lakh

Rs 3.52 lakh

Rs 73,000

redi-GO T (O)

Rs 4.53 lakh

Rs 3.82 lakh

Rs 71,000

redi-GO T (O) 1.0L 

Rs 4.74 lakh

Rs 3.99 lakh

Rs 75,000

redi-GO T (O) 1.0L AMT

Rs 4.95 lakh

Rs 4.18 lakh

Rs 77,000


Rs 5.75 lakh

Rs 4.83 lakh

Rs 92,000


Rs 6.31 lakh

Rs 5.33 lakh

Rs 98,000


Rs 5.99 lakh

Rs 5.05 lakh

Rs 94,000


Rs 6.79 lakh

Rs 5.76 lakh

Rs 1.03 lakh

All the redi-GO’s five trims have had their prices slashed as part of this CSD listing. But, when it comes to the GO and GO+, only the top-spec ‘T’ trim (with both manual and CVT gearboxes) is available at this special price. With Datsun cars, discounts for defence personnel range between Rs 69,000 and Rs 1.03 lakh. 

Customers eligible for CSD benefits can visit the CSD website and complete the required formalities. To make things easier, Nissan’s online sales platform is also offering the provision of availing exclusive CSD prices to all eligible buyers.

All prices, ex-showroom


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