Jawa’s Kommuniti Kustoms Competition Proves Its Fans Are A Wild Bunch

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  • May 12, 2020
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The contest encouraged enthusiasts to pick up a pen or a pencil and design their own custom Jawa Forty Two

  • Participants submitted various designs including cafe races and adventure tourers.
  • Entries were to be submitted via social media platforms.
  • The winner will receive a custom painted Jawa fuel tank signed by the CEO.

Recently, Jawa organised an online contest called the Kommuniti Kustoms to keep its fans occupied during the COVID-19 lockdown. It encouraged enthusiasts to design their own custom Jawa. There were no limitations, boundaries or budget constraints as one would usually expect when given a design brief. The fun activity allowed the inner artist in you to go wild and come up with some radical concepts using the Jawa Forty Two as a base. And boy did the participants impress! From cafe racers, adventure tourers to scramblers, it had it all. Here’s a glimpse of some of the concepts that really stood out in our eyes. 

One of our favourite concepts morphed the Jawa Forty Two into a neo-retro adventure tourer inspired by the radical-looking Husqvarna Norden 901. It’s simple, clean and elegant and could possibly be used as one of the directions if Jawa ever intends to step into the adventure touring space. Sure, it's a far-fetched dream, but we’re just talking about letting our imaginations run wild, so why not?

Baggers are a relatively unknown genre in India, but that didn’t stop one of the contestants from asking, what if? The question led them to design one sick-looking flying fortress. It perfectly embraces the classic styling of the brand and adds its own little twist. A laid back ride with a humongous front wheel, a massive fender that flows with the lines of the bike and hard panniers... we absolutely adore it!

Could it get any better than this? Most definitely! The next one raises the stakes even further. This bloke managed to change the entire ideology behind Jawa while managing to keep the gorgeous engine as the centre of attention. Everything comes together quite well to form a scrambler-themed Jawa Forty Two. The raked front end flows into the slender tank and a slim overhanging seat. The concept also takes advantage of the motors twin-port system to create a high-mounted double-barrel exhaust system.

The last concept on our list knocks it out of the park. This render looks like a modern-day interpretation of a board track racer that sits inches away from the ground. These bikes were built in the pursuit of speed and ran around an 1.6km-long oval race track built entirely out of wood. Board trackers were bred to breach speeds of 160kmph without any transmission or brakes. The only way to slow down was by cutting off the engine using the handlebar-mounted kill switch. The thought of having a Jawa board track racer blew our minds because it brought back a piece of racing history. And you had to be an absolute psychopath to swing your leg over one of these. 

The competition has come to a close and we can’t wait for Jawa to pick a winner. I’m placing my bets on the board track racer. What about you?

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