Diesel Comparison: Jeep Compass Vs Volkswagen Tiguan Vs Hyundai Tucson

The Tucson is going strong, Tiguan is off to a good start, and the Compass is on the horizon. Let's see how their top trims stack up against each other.


Jeep Compass Vs Volkswagen Tiguan Vs Hyundai Tucson



Update: Our review for the Jeep Compass is out. Is the entry level Jeep worthy of wearing the seven-slat grille? Find out in the first drive review.

The demand for SUVs and crossovers is at an all-time high. Buyers often find themselves in a tough spot while buying a new car because of the wide array of choices at all price points. Having more options never hurts. Does it? As we wait for the impending launch of Jeep's first-ever made-in-India SUV, the Compass, let’s see how it fares against the competition.



Compass Comparison Dimensions



The Compass is the shortest here and by quite a margin. It's also narrower and shorter than the Tiguan and the Tucson and has the shortest wheelbase. Other details are still under wraps, but from what we see, the Compass is the smallest SUV in this comparison.

Engine And Drivetrain

All three cars here use a 2.0-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder diesel engine, but the power output is vastly different. The Hyundai, by far, makes the most horses and the maximum twist. The Tiguan has a modest 143PS of power but makes up for that with a healthy torque of 340Nm.


Compass Comparison Engine



The Tiguan and the Compass exclusively offer automatic and manual transmission, respectively. The Tucson, on the other hand, has both; there's a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed torque converter automatic. The top trim, however, does not get a manual transmission. It uses the most fuel-guzzling variety of automatic, but the technology is polished over several decades and is infinitely more reliable than the newer dual-clutch automatic. A 9-speed automatic is in the pipeline for the Compass but won't join until early 2018.

When it's time to put the power down on the ground, the Tucson falls behind the competition. The Volkswagen Tiguan and the Compass, both send power to all four wheels in their unique ways. The four-wheel-drive Compass is a robust drivetrain, but Jeep has reserved the rock-crawling prowess for the Trailhawk trim, which is, for now, out of our reach.


On the safety front and in basic features, they're pretty even. Here's a list of common features:

- 6 Airbags


- Electronic Stability Control

- Hill Descent Control

- Hill Hold

- Electronic Parking Brake

- Rear Parking sensors

- Reversing Camera

- Power Mirrors

- Android Auto

- Apple CarPlay


Jeep Compass Comparison



However, these are high-value offerings. Buyers in this segment expect the car to have not only functional features but also luxury touches sprinkled all over the place. Just like a luxury car in this price range, the Jeep Compass lacks several features that are available in the Tucson and the Tiguan. Once the two competitors start firing at it with their luxury features, the Compass does nothing but put on a blank face. It has all the safety bits but runs short on creature comfort. The Tucson has fewer features than the Volkswagen here but it also costs less, thus making a strong case for itself.

On paper, the Compass lags a couple notches behind the rivals but an aggressive price tag can certainly give it an upper hand. The Jeep brand is also worth a lot for some buyers. The Compass will launch later in August and we'll reserve our judgement unti we have the prices at our disposal. In the meantime, stay tuned to Zigwheels for a detailed report on the Compass Limited 4X4.

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