Exclusive: 3 New Firefox E-Cycles Launch Likely In June 2024

  • May 16, 2024
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All the three e-cycles will have only pedal-assist mode and no pure-electric mode

New Firefox e-cycles

Firefox Bikes is working on expanding its electric cycle portfolio, and the brand is likely to launch 3 new models in the coming month. The 3 models are: e-Mountrail, e-City and e-Urban. We recently spotted the prototypes of the bikes and here’s what they’re all about:


Upcoming Firefox electric mountain bike

This e-cycle is geared towards off-road riding and is for those who are trying to get into mountain biking. The bike is built on a diamond frame like a typical MTB and has its battery pack housed inside the down tube, and is removable. 

Upcoming Firefox MTB e-cycle Motor

The bike is powered by a mid-mounted motor for pedal assist and is mated to a 9-speed gearbox. The e-Mountrail rolls on large dual-purpose tyres and also features an adjustable telescopic fork. Riders have the option to lock the fork, which makes it completely firm and more suited to riding on roads. 

The cycle comes with a negatively lit LCD screen that displays information such as assist level and time.


Upcoming Firefox commuter e-cycle

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The e-city is a commuter e-cycle. It comes with a similar mid-mounted motor configuration and the removable battery is also housed inside the downtube like the e-Mountrail. Keeping the commuter-friendly character in mind, Firefox has built the e-City on a step-through frame. It rolls on road-biased tyres and gets full-length fenders at both ends.

Upcoming Firefox city bike

In terms of features, this e-cycle has a lot more to offer and gets an LED headlight. At the rear, the e-City gets a luggage rack on which riders can keep their bags or other items, making the e-bike a lot more practical in the city. 


Upcomng Firefox e-cycle

As its name suggests, the e-Urban is also a commuter and is likely to be the most affordable cycle out of the three. The e-cycle features a narrower step-through frame.

This e-cycle features a hub-mounted motor and is powered by a non-removable battery pack that is fixed inside the downtube. Judging by the size of the downtube, it is likely that the battery pack on this variant will be a 10Ah unit similar to the one used on the Firefox Urban Eco. The battery pack on the Urban Eco gives a range of 90km with pedal assist, and we expect the same level of range on the e-Urban as well.

The e-Mountrail will likely come at a price that could be around Rs 3 lakh, whereas the e-City will likely cost Rs 2.5 lakh. The most affordable cycle, the e-urban will likely cost around Rs 80,000. All prices on-road.

It is important to note that these bikes are only prototypes and the final production versions may differ. The bikes we saw featured Bafang motors and instrument consoles, which are sourced from China. According to our sources, we can expect the final production versions to come with motors produced by the Hero-Yamaha partnership that was announced in September 2022.

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