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  • Q. After how much kilometers should we change the tyres of a Crysta?
    Shri | 8 months ago

    40,000 to 50,000... it also depends on the roads. Sometimes if the roads are not that good the tyre may get worn out at 20 or 25 thousand. It also depends on the brand of tyres.

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  • Q. What about Alloy wheel problem in Innova Crysta? Has Toyota officials responded about Alloy breaking issue and Tyre burst issue?
    Navaneetha | 6 months ago

    1. At 7000 km vibration issue, dealer inspected and informed both alloy wheel bend issue. Explained to dealer and TOYOTA team this is the casting Quality issue (Based on my 14 years’ experience in Aluminum Casting) but TOYOTA team not willing to accept dragged them 26 days. Finally changed the Alloy wheel and taken for delivery from dealer. Agreed to do the testing on the failed wheel by TOYOTA but not done . I received one failed wheel and tested with German lab result shows, wheels not meeting the specification and not modification not done properly in alloy wheel . TOYOTA refused to agree the test and simply dragged the issue. Please find attached test result and analysis report. 2. At 11000 Km once again faced the vibration issue. Dealer inspected and informed all the 4 tyre issue need replaced. Subsequently one of the failed wheel given for the testing with Germany Testing center (At Bangalore - India), test results not meeting the basic requirements (Please find attached the report). Shared the report details to TOYOTA team on 1st Sep-19 till date no feedback on the same (Find below communication). 3. To create the pressure on me and to take the delivery of my car TOYOTA appointed external agency to sent the legal letter and create the pressure on us to take the delivery from dealer. I sent man mail to all Vice Precedent Customer Care but no feedback. 4. This is the serious quality issue on the particular batch production (Alloy wheel) , need study and replace the same to avoid major fatal accident. TOYOTA believing the quality in document and not interested accept fro the test results and facts. Alloy wheel and tyres are most critical parts and safety related, multiple failure on the alloy wheel and Tyre creating the fear on us to drive the car with family. Need clear investigation and solution for my loss.

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  • Q. I own a crysta 2.8G. It currently runs on 205/65/R16 Apollo tyres. I want to go for a 215/60/R16 or a 225/55/R16. Is there any thing i should know before switching the tyres?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    A vehicle's tyres play a crucial role in the overall design, performance, and handling. A simple process like upsizing the tyres, or getting your car fit with tyres that are one size bigger may add heaps of design benefits. But with all good things, come a set of disadvantages. Here are the important advantages and disadvantages with upsizing you car tyres. Advantages: - Larger tires improve handling and cornering, due to wider tread faces and stiffer sidewalls. - Wider tires may decrease braking distances on dry pavement. - Wider tires may also increase acceleration, especially in very powerful vehicles such as muscle cars. - Larger wheels with lower profile tires are sometimes aesthetically desirable. Disadvantages: - Larger wheels typically cost more. Wider tires tend to be more expensive because they are less common, and there is less. competition between brands. - Performance improvements beyond what is achieved in a Plus One sizing are often minimal. - Lower profile tires tend to have stiffer sidewalls, which might decrease riding comfort. - Low profile tires are likely to sustain more damage to tires and wheel rims when encountering road debris and potholes. - Larger and wider wheels decrease fuel efficiency and increase consumption. - Larger and wider wheels may also degrade acceleration on many everyday vehicles. So, we would suggest you to do such modification under the shed of authorised service center as they will be the better persons to assist you regarding its compatibility.

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    More Frequently Asked Questions About Toyota Innova Crysta

    Toyota Innova Crysta Dimension & Space FAQs

    Q. What is the ground clearance of Toyota Innova Crysta?
    A. The ground clearance (Unladen) of Toyota Innova Crysta is 178mm.
    Q. What is the seating capacity of Toyota Innova Crysta?
    A. The seating capacity of Toyota Innova Crysta is 7.
    Q. What is the boot space of Toyota Innova Crysta?
    A. The boot space of Toyota Innova Crysta is 300-litres.
    Q. What is the fuel tank capacity of Toyota Innova Crysta?
    A. The fuel tank capacity of Toyota Innova Crysta is 55 Liters.
    Q. What is the dimensions of Toyota Innova Crysta?
    A. The exterior dimension (length*width*height) of Toyota Innova Crysta is 4735*1830*1795 mm3.
    Q. What is the length of Toyota Innova Crysta?
    A. The length of Toyota Innova Crysta is 4735 mm.
    Q. What is the width of Toyota Innova Crysta?
    A. The width of Toyota Innova Crysta is 1830 mm.
    Q. What is the wheel size of Toyota Innova Crysta?
    A. The wheels size of Toyota Innova Crysta is 16".
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