• Q. Which one is better between Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Thunderbird 350?

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    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    The RE Classic is a retro-street bike whereas the Thunderbird is a cruiser machine. The Classic 350 is apt for budget-conscious riders who want a distinct old-school pizzaz in their motorcycle. However, if you crave for more torque and are not worried about the relatively higher fuel bills than the 350, go for the Classic 500 instead. It also offers the advantage of fuel injection, which helps in providing crisper throttle response and easier cold-starts. On the other hand, the Thunderbird family is arguably one of the most feature-laden motorcycles from the British brand. Both the 350cc and 500cc variants feature dual trip meters with average speed readout, digital fuel gauge, a generous 20-litre fuel tank, projector headlamp with LED DRL, and relaxed ergonomics. Though the Thunderbird 350 feels short on power on the highways, it is still a good choice for enthusiasts who love to go on long rides. Click on the link to compare these two siblings: https://bit.ly/2jK42ji Ultimately, it boils down to your requirements. Do take a test ride in order to judge your riding comfort.

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    Krishan | 4 months ago

    If you think for touring purpose definitely Thunderbird 350 or you are daily commuter and covered more than 100km.Classic have their strong existence in market due to old school look. Truly appreciate the Royal Enfield to build classic but if you ride more than 100km on highway, you must have strong spinal system, as after riding you feel back pain due to double spring system on seat as well as bike. when you ride more than at the speed of 80km/hrs, seat continue vibrates and may impact your nervous system. Thunderbird 350 less appearance in the market but truly riding experience much higher than the other Royal Enfield bike. You can enjoy your weekend riding as well as daily commute with this beast, less vibration than classic 350, seating posture also very good that means you never tiered, if you ride more than 100km.Comparison to engine: both having same engine bit change in rpm settings for pickup.

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    Aditya | 1 day ago

    RE Classic 350. In every terms,it feels much better. It feels royal and feels like yes you arent riding some day to day commuters. Thunderbird 350 is just a styled 350 and don't even have a after sale handsome evaluation. RE Classic though quite retro gets everything you want. And ofcourse, Modification can make it better than RE Thunderbird 350.

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    Bhagwati | 2 weeks ago

    Thunderbird 350 could be a better choice cause it have high capacity tank better riding posture, only thing that annoys a lot in thunderbird is gear shifting issue & footrest area is not that much comfortable for long rides In classic 350 there will be little of vibration issue but you can get more comfort riding posture for long rides ,

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    Sohanjyoti | 1 month ago

    The purpose matters a lot, if you are using for commuting daily in cities along with weekend rides, go for Classic 350. It's a retrofit bike.But if you are only for trips on highways and relaxed less traffic rides, then go for Thunderbird 350. Thunderbird 350 has all the additional features like all other bikes.

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    Sujit | 2 months ago

    Technically the same underneath.. thunderbird is more relaxed ride which makes is beautiful for long rides + 20L fuel tank. classic is a upright posture + 14L fuel..great for the city and well as the high way.due to the handlebar design of the the Thunderbird few find it little difficult to manoeuvre in the city

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    NEERAV | 3 months ago

    Both are hot sellers bikes but the main difference is the chassis design and the look the tb350 is equipped with more features such as fuel gauge etc now comes with alloy wheels whereas the classic 350 is a straight forward bike with retro look the seats are also different you can go and check them in nearest re showrooms both are good

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    DIVANSHU | 2 months ago

    Depending on the style you like, Thunderbird is more of a relaxing ride, on the other hand classic is more of a dominant ride. Other than that engine is same so I would suggest you to first go for the test ride of both than choose.

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    Shreyas | 2 months ago

    Bro my suggestion is, u select the bike u want and dont ask the world. Its purely personal preference, both are great bikes but its what you feel when you rode it. get a nice test drive compare and go for it.

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    Athul | 1 year ago

    I'm 5'9 nd uses bike for city commute as well as long tours.Thunderbird usually suits people who are significantly taller i.e you will find it much easier to control it in traffic. For your off road riding, classic would be much better ,as it is significantly shorter and more easier to control.Go for Himalayan if you prefer off road.

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