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Q. Which bike should I buy, KTM RC 390, Royal Enfield Continental GT650 or Yamaha R3?
  • If you're looking for a light, powerful, sharp-handling sportbike that'll help you hone your skills, the KTM RC 390 makes perfect sense. However, the bike's committed riding posture means it's more suited for track than road. On the other hand, Continental GT 650 is a fun to ride cafe racer. The GT’s sporty riding position makes it much more suitable for twisty mountain roads and even high speed straight line blasts. To top things off, the twin-cylinder motor provides the performance and refinement that the 535 simply couldn’t. You may compare both bikes accoridngly. Do take a test ride in order to get better clarity. Check out authorised dealership details. If we talk about Yamaha R3, it has been discontinued and hasn't been launched ion BS6 era.
Q. I am looking to upgrade to from a duke 200 to a bike with more bhp and Cubic capacity that can handle triple digit speeds. I am 5'3 and D200 seat height was not a problem with boots. I have shortlisted G310R and GT650 based on seat height, linear power delivery, brand value and quality. Kindly advice with the options.
  • The KTM 200 Duke was a game changer for the performance motorcycle segment in India. When it comes to thrills, the KTM 200 Duke delivers it in spades. Moreover, selecting between the BMW G 310 R and Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 would depend on certain factors such as budget, preference of the segment, features required, touring capabilities and also, availability of service network. The Continental GT 650 is powered by a 648cc, air and oil-cooled, parallel-twin engine that generates peak power of 47.6PS at 7100rpm and 52Nm of torque at 5200rpm mated to a 6-speed transmission assisted by a slip-and-assist clutch. It makes for a great step up for existing riders while offering new levels of refinement and performance. On the other hand, G310R sports a 313cc single-cylinder liquid cooled unit that produces 34PS at 9500rpm and 28Nm of torque at 7500rpm. The G 310 R is a bike that’s absolutely a hoot to ride thanks to its great handling dynamics, decently punchy motor and incredible ride quality. However, there are some drawbacks too such as vibrations and a cramped lower body posture which prevents you to spend longer hours on the saddle. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test ride for a better understanding of comfort and compatibility. You may click on the link and select your desired city for dealership details. Read More: - BMW G 310 R: Road Test Review - The Greener Baby Beemers Burst Onto The Scene - Here’s How Much Power The Royal Enfield 650 Twins Make Now That They’re BS6-compliant
Q. I AM 5.7 FT, CAN I RIDE - Continental GT 650?
  • Of course you can ride it.. But how it fits will vary from person to person.. Someone that's 5ft 5Inches might think it's more comfortable than someone that's even 6ft tall. Everyone is different, so it really varies. The only drawback to being short on the GT 650 is being able to flat foot the bike. But short legs also mean you're legs aren't as bent when on the foot pegs. It's a funny thing.. The seat height is good for tall people, but the peg height is better for the short.
  • I think it feels quite difficult to handle continental ....😐with ur height yarrr❌.With this height u can ride interceptor more comfortably and safely.I prefer u to buy interceptor...more than Gt tnx😊
  • I'm 5.7 and I've had no problems at all. I own the bike for a year now. Also the single seat is even shorter height so it's better. I can flatfoot with the single seat with cowl.
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Q. Can you suggest me best exhaust for GT-650?
  • Best exhaust is already installed on bike trust me when bike heats sound changes from treble to thump that the magic of stock exhaust only reason to change it should be to save weight thats it if u change it engine warranties go void
  • AEW or RED ROOSTER , check YouTube links for better understanding . I personally feel the stock ones have a good roar when u do long rides and the aftermarket exhausts can be irritating .
  • My fav is sc project original one....
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Q. Is Continental GT Fit for long rides are there any cons???
  • Being a continental gt650 owner I feel the bike is comfortable for long rides. Myself (gt650) and my brother( bullet 500) took our ride from Chennai to kodaikanal (589km) and back to Chennai the next day together 1230km . I didn\'t have any pain in my wrists or back. Since we had stops only after 100-150 km i had my b**t paining( not so cushioned seats would be the reason ). It was comfortable even when you was riding up hill and it's obvious you will experience the wrists pain when you downhill because of your body weight being put on wrists that happens with all sporty positioned bikes. Cons is the fuel tank capacity where I had to refill tank for more number of times than usual. Note : my height 6.2 and weight 83 kg.
  • For long ride it has some -ve points.All the support fall on palm. So riding for a long time, both hands may feel pain.Clutch is a little bit hard, for long riding left wrist may feel pain.But the power and smoothness of engine will help to forget the cons.....
  • Nope bro i don't think it will be fit for long rides for 180 km i hve done because i stay in a broad so i yv ride for 180 km as a long ride so in my opinion in 180 km u wont feel that much stress but lil dizzy u will feel when u reach ua destination..
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Q. What is the top speed of Continental GT 650 bike?
  • Gt or interceptor both are not made for top end speeds they are cruisers bike not sports bike just coz they are 650 cc people start compairing them to high performance sports bike this where people are dissapointed by re bike they are not meant for high speed top end they have spoke rims they start flexing at high speeds
  • In youtube reviews i get to see they go like 170,175 but i never go more than 163 may be it depends on how u ride n who is riding it depends upon u bro.
  • It goes 175 comfortably and can go even further to 180-185 it can go even further if the rpm lock is moved further
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