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  • Praveen Praveen
    Praveen Praveen

    1. Buying Experience: Particularly only middle class people will buy this bike, I bought this bike from a famous showroom in Chennai ( Adyar Motors), First of all they give false commitment, Even before buy service was not good. Delivery Exp > They Make my bike ready with polish installed guards helmet lock ( but not working) Even they not filled the air in tier and didn't even informed me. 2. Riding Experience *My First Gear* So happily Started funny butterfly inside me, after second day i found vibration in foot rest 2nd thing every time you put the first gear in morning it produces a lot of sound, i asked to rectify this in my first service but they have not done anything ( Service Given in Palani Motors -Kolathur) and I asked the mechanic about this problem he said this problem is coming in all new model bikes. 3. Performance - Mileage guess ( 65-70km Rs100) Pickup not impressive, Running speed ok, after continues ride of just 12 to 13 km engine heat produce very hot you cant keep legs in right side foot rest, i don't know what to do.Simply saying Please don't buy this Bike Hero Passion Xpro disc.

    Gets Mileage of 65 kmpl
  • Manoj Pal
    Manoj Pal

    after running between 5000 - 6000 its mileage fall down 35 km /l I went to service center they do all the things but result was same , again and again I gave to service center to Fort point Virar/ Vasai but result is the same its milage is 35 only, and this is not suitable for long journey also it is very light vehicle its vibrate once your speed cross 60km/h over all this is the worst choice to choose this vehicle

    Gets Mileage of 35 kmpl
  • Muthyala Varaprasadarao
    Muthyala Varaprasadarao

    Overall good occasionally I went long drive also 170 KLM like....it gets around 60 got milage on highway....in city 45 to 50....not bad 110 cc bike ....

  • Sunny Tivarekar
    Sunny Tivarekar

    Very bad bike, not a bike ride on mountain hill road, mileage is good, but it is not good enough to climb in a 2-gear with a good road on the hill and there was very bad situation in the first gear.

    Gets Mileage of 55 kmpl
  • Sourav Sen
    Sourav Sen

    I faced many problem with this bike. The major problem is with Engine, then electrical, mileage etc. I faced almost every sort of problem in this bike. My worst purchase

    Gets Mileage of 40 kmpl
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  • Deepak Singh
    Deepak Singh

    It was nice ride with this Bike ,Now i want to sell

    Gets Mileage of 60 kmpl kmpl
  • Santosh Kolte
    Santosh Kolte

    It is good bike and good experience with driving.

    Gets Mileage of 60 kmpl kmpl
  • Kushal Singh
    Kushal Singh

    Very nice achha hai hero passion xpro

    Gets Mileage of 100 kmpl kmpl
  • Its Diffrent
    Its Diffrent

    suspensions stiff hai mileage 50. to 52

    Gets Mileage of 50 kmpl
  • Human Resource
    Human Resource

    it is superb and very comfortable to drive.

    Gets Mileage of 70 kmpl kmpl
All Passion XPro User Reviews
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