Car Polishing Tips

  • Jun 27, 2014
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Polishing your car can make it look shiny and new while getting rid of tiny scratches. Here are some tips.

Car polishing tips

We all love the way our cars looked when they came out fresh from the showroom. The smooth paint finish without blemishes, scratches or stains made us feel happy and proud. One can keep the car is similar state for a long time by caring for it correctly. And, it’s never too late to start caring, for polishing alone can get rid of most paint imperfections, scratches and stains. Although polishing is best left to the experts, you too can try your hand at polishing your own car at home. Here are some tips and techniques to remember while polishing your car.


Wash your car well first. Make sure all bird dirt stains and remnants are removed as much as possible. Make sure your car is clear of all tar and much stains. Make sure you use some sort of automotive-based shampoo or cleaner in the water so as to give the best finish possible. After washing the car, do not dry it off.


If you are using a polish wheel, make sure your car is in an isolated space. The splatters from using a wheel are messy and can cause stains on walls or other cars around you. Place a new, clean and very slightly damp pad on the polishing wheel and apply a moderate amount of compound on one body panel. Spread the polish with the wheel, using medium speed. The key is to keep the spinning polishing pad parallel to the car’s surface to avoid swirl marks.


Applying constant pressure and working back and forth over the entire surface of the panel is the key to a good polished surface. As the clear coat heats up and the paint becomes warm to the touch, scratches that are not very deep will begin slowly to disappear. When the compound and water are thrown aside and absorbed by the foam pad, the brightened finish will become visible. Remember to periodically wash the swirl pad to prevent it from becoming saturated with the polish compound.


Once you have done this across your car’s surface, wash the car all over again with water. Use a new and soft towel to wipe the water off the car before you move on to the next step. It is essential to make sure all the polish remnants from places like door gaps, locks and crevices are wiped clean before you move forward with the waxing process.


Applying wax on your car’s freshly polished surfaced was immortalised by Mr. Miyagi from the original Karate Kid movie. The Wax On-Wax Off technique holds true, though. Applying a coat of wax to the paint will help mask swirl marks and cover up most remaining surface imperfections. Mount a soft foam pad on a rotary polisher or you can do the waxing process by hand. Remember to use a moderate amount of waxing compound though. If you do use a sander, use it at a medium or slower speed to spread the wax evenly.  Done well, this technique can completely transform the look of your car.

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