Personal mover or family car: Which one to opt for?

A car for yourself or the family hauler? We give you some tips on which would be the right choice for you

Personal Mover or Family car

People buy cars for different reasons. Some are looking for the fast performance cars, some only care if the car is secure and will protect their family in the event of a crash, others are looking for a car that will get them more km to the litre, while others need space for groceries and families.

Different cars work well for different people. Essentially most people fall within 1 of 4 categories when buying a car, often times a mix of two of them. These categories are performance, safety and security, economy, or convenience. If you have a firm understanding of what type of car suits your needs the best you will have more control over the buying process.

A personal mover makes a lot of sense if the car’s use mostly revolves around one person with the occasional passengers. Space isn’t priority here. Ease of use, offering good equipment coupled with good performance is what is usually looked for.

A family however is pretty much the opposite. It’s large with lots of space and more difficult to manage in the urban environment compared to a personal mover which most likely a hatch back or a small sedan. A family car which is most likely an MPV or an SUV holds 7-8 passengers safely, give the buyer ample amount of storage space and give additional features like remote door openers, built in car seats, and seats that neatly store in the floor of the van. Convenience is the name of the game here.


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