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  • Jul 25, 2012
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Vinyl stickers and wraps let you change your car's styling on a budget
Maruti Swift Limited Edition

Decals give a car an individual look. They can be bought off the shelf, and there is a variety of designs or you can order custom made ones.

Calendered vinyl decals do not last long, and are usually used in racing or short term advertising. They also tend to shrink. Cast vinyl decals are thinner, smoother and can stretch around curved surfaces. Laminating decals adds to their life of the decal.

Single-coloured stickers are cheap and you can make your own design and get them printed as a vinyl sticker which will cost about 50 rupees a piece. Thematic multi-coloured stickers cost Rs 60 (for ones which look like vents, hoods, scoops etc) to about Rs 700. Cast vinyl decals from brands like Ed Hardy and others start at around Rs 250 for the small ones (measuring around 50x50cm). Body graphics start from around Rs 500.

Full body wraps are vinyl decals printed on a large sheet which can be wrapped on to your car. These are usually used by advertisers on trucks, buses and taxis and are hugely customisable. They are lighter and more customisable. Wraps keep the body panel safe from small scratches. Prices depend on length of the car, design and material.

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