Aprilia SXR 125 Images

  • Right Side View of SXR 125
    Right Side View
  • Left Side View of SXR 125
    Left Side View
  • Front Right View of SXR 125
    Front Right View
  • Rear Right View of SXR 125
    Rear Right View
  • Tail Light of SXR 125
    Tail Light
  • Seat of SXR 125
  • Exhaust View of SXR 125
    Exhaust View
  • Rear Tyre View of SXR 125
    Rear Tyre View
  • Front Tyre View of SXR 125
    Front Tyre View
  • Handle Bar View of SXR 125
    Handle Bar View
  • Foot Space View of SXR 125
    Foot Space View
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Aprilia SXR 125
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Aprilia SXR 125 User Reviews

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  • Aprilia SXR 125 Urban Sophistication in Motion

    The Aprilia SXR 125 is a dynamic and fashionable scooter that offers druggies a Fashionable expressway to commute across the megacity while bringing around City fineness to life. Its 125cc Mechanism, with its sprightly interpretation, ensures a quick and responsive ride through congested Roads. The scooter's two wheeler has athletic plates and strong lines, showcasing current Expression with special aspects. Although its satiny two wheeler contributes to its City supplication, it may be more able for standard operation if it had further features for rider comfort and functionality. The Aprilia SXR 125 is a dishy option for riders appearing for a Fashionable City accompaniment because of its special two wheeler and nimble interpretation.

  • Attractive look

    It is a maxi style scooter with very attractive look and get lots of storage space. Its engine gives decent performance and gives good comfort and great road presence but the ride quality needs more improvement. It gives fun to ride and amazing handing dynamics but pricing is high. It is a good fuel efficient and comes with good modern features like Bluetooth connectivity, large LCD dash that shows lots of data and there are some practical features as well. It looks beautiful and with a radical-looking LED tail lamp.

  • Aprilia SXR 125 Sporty Urban Luxury

    I'll noway forget the SXR 125's startling capacity to give a dégagé Urban luxury experience. I like this Aprilia scooter's outstanding features, which give the ideal balance of sophisticated 2 Wheeler and Urban 2 Wheeler. A engine with outstanding dynamic 2 Wheeler and ultrapractical luxury has been created by Aprilia. It makes an jolt with its useful addition of an effective motor, relaxation inspired styling, and rider friendly features. The model is a clear fave for those appearing for a satiny and nimble ride in a high end scooter due to its surprising capacity to give a dégagé Urban luxury experience.

  • Aprilia SR 125 Dynamic Commuter Charm

    My estimation for the SR 125 has been fully obtained. Because of its outstanding features, which give the ideal balance of sporting Request and exchanging practicality, I detect myself Captivated to this important scooter. Aprilia has created a device that's unusual in tours of energetic interpretation as well as ultrapractical operation. A lasting print is created by its useful addition of an provident motor, a relaxation inspired 2 Wheeler, and rider friendly features. For those appearing for a satiny and sharp commuter scooter ride, this model is a clear fave due to its remarkable capacity to give a dynamic commuter Request experience.

  • Embodies the Spirit of Adventure.

    Take use of the Aprilia SXR 125's excitement and faculty. For stoners appearing for a little excitement in their peregrination, this luxury scooter provides a dégagé phraseology and charming features. Its working out medium allows for adjustable interpretation for weekend exchanges and congregations in major metropolises. The SXR 125 includes movie characteristics for a affable and safe assist, making it the comprehensive scooter for individualities who value wisdom and fustiness. The Aprilia SXR 125 is a comprehensive scooter that combines fineness with a rush of dynamism.

  • redefines marks, an riddle within its demesne.

    Casting an impeccable balance between aesthetics and interpretation, the Aprilia SXR 125 emerges as the ultimate liberty within the 125cc sphere. The art of its project commands concentration, seamlessly mixing with the heart- pounding authority of its machine. acclimatized for civic fiefdom, its dexterity and celerity merge for an unmatched trip. estimable comfort and ergonomics review megacity commutes, buttressed by a concealed storehouse cube that discreetly enhances functionality. The SXR 125 employs an exceptional engineering finesse, icing an provident energy footmark devoid of energy concession. mastership over business or weekend tricks the SXR 125 redefines marks, an riddle within its demesne.

  • Eye-catching scarlet

    We both like riding my friend's eye-catching scarlet Aprilia SXR 125 to our tuition courses! The sporty, dynamic appearance of the scooter gives our journeys a little extra thrill. A bs6-2.0 engine powers it, providing a comfortable and entertaining ride. Excellent braking control is provided by the front disc brakes and the rear drum brakes, which increases our sense of security when driving. It feels well-balanced and manageable for its 129 kg weight. We may comfortably drive without worrying about refilling regularly thanks to the 7.9 litre fuel tank. The Aprilia SXR 125 is an excellent scooter all around that blends flair and performance, making our lessons more fun!


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