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Our Tata Nexon 2017-2020 image gallery showcases the SUV car in 32 pictures including Nexon 2017-2020 in Vermont Red, Seattle Silver, Moroccan Blue, Glasgow Grey, Calgary White and Etna Orange colours. Take advantage of our detailed photo gallery to explore every detail of Nexon 2017-2020 and make an informed decision before making your purchase.

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    I have nexon automatic 2020 model and the average in city max 15 km per day is 10.3 to 10.8, Sometimes for larger distance it gives an average of 12.5 to 12.8.

  • 4.0
    Good car, with very good

    Good car, With very good safety ratings.Very smooth in terms of ride and comfort.The seats are top notch and the space is very good.

  • 4.3
    I am a log term user of Nexon.

    I am a log term user of nexon.Mine is a 1.5diesel dt manual & have driven more than 80000km till date.Biggest plus point is the fuel efficiency & build quality.Being a light footed driver, I get approx 22-23kmpl on highways & 15-16kmpl in city.Coming to build quality, Its excellent.Although, Finishing touches inside the cabin isn't upto the mark, But the 1.5turbo engine with its power made up for the shortcomings.Driving on the highway with this engine is absolutely amazing.Coming to cons: servicing; yes this has been a major shortcoming for tm.I have visited 6 workshops, Condition is similar in every workshop.The mechanics only know basis servicing techniques.For eg: both of my headlights aren't working for last 1 year & after visiting 6 workshops also, They couldn't find the fault.Lastly a local mechanic repaired the lights & charged only rs 300 for that.Understand that my car is from the 1st gen batch & major issues were resolved in the 2nd gen.But given the excellent cars of tm (safety & build quality), I am again thinking to go for tata only.

  • 5.0
    Driving experience

    Driving experience is awesome.The car is a beast.Engine is powerful and the mileage i am getting is 25 kmpl in eco mode, 18 kmpl in sports mode and 22 kmpl in city mode.Service cost of all tata vehicles is high compared to other cars in the segment but definitely worth it.Build quality is nothing to talk about when it comes to tata.

  • 4.0
    I have xza+ variant driving

    I have xza+ variant driving experience: 1.Most of the time fuel emission from 1st to 2nd gear is not so smooth.Some times felt so annoying.2.Driving in hilly area is quite impatient, Specially while going downwards it couldn't identify which gear is suitable for driving, I had to change it to manual for smooth driving.3.I am fond of road trips and went long distances, Drove totally 20000+ km in last 3 years, Covering almost all wester ghats never face any break down not even tyre puncture.4.While going above 100km/hr felt very steady and comfortable not shaking or uncontrolled but just for testing purpose.5.Economy mode is really helpful if you want to save fuel it gives me mileage of around 13.5km/lit and 15km/lit with and without ac in highway and 11.5km/lit and 13km/lit in city with and without ac.However you need so much patience while driving eco mode it transmit the fuel slowly and you need to hit the gas steady do not accelerate aggressively.6.City mode is comparatively faster than eco mode nothing much difference.7.Sports mode is really fast if you don't care about the mileage and just want to go fast this mode is super, I love this mode while chasing the vehicles in highway to overtake it really aggressive.8.Service is good in big city it takes around 8-10 k per service with engine oil changes and need to change engine oil almost 8-10 thousand km or in every year based on the usage.9.Faced problem with sun roof most of the time its functionality failed and couldn't close had to visit service centre multiple times to fix it.10.The most annoying experience is with remote key if your remote key battery is down the car sensor doesn't work to find key even if you put the key in key area it keeps beeping "key not found in loud voice" went service centre few times to make it fix but still its not fixed.And remote battery is getting drained in every 6-8 months don't know about other brand cars but its very bad, It should work at least 2-3 years.11.Seating is very spacious and comfy.12.One major drawback that i found out when i drove someone else car, It is the right side blind spot.This is due to the the width of car body which connect front wind shield glass and driver door glass, That blocks most of the view in right side, To avoid it i used to move my head but for other vehicle it comparatively very less and it doesn't block the view.My overall experience is good with this vehicle.

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