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Yezdi Roadster
Yezdi Roadster
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  • Travel comfortably in style

    Specially built bikes have always amazed me and specially Yezdi Roadster. Looking at the features and specialities this bike offers, I decided to buy this vehicle last year. It was available for an affordable price in exchange of a lot of modern features. The mileage is good as provided, clean and good ground clearance and powerful engine that it comes with. My favourite feature is the smooth and comfortable ventures with this vehicle. I would definitely put this on recommendation list for others. The colour ranges are aesthetic and many sets of variants are also available.

  • 2.2
    I personally used yazdi Roadster

    I personally used yazdi roadster bike.Don't buy this vehicle.2 time breakdown on the road and lots of maintenance issue come in one year service also very bed.

  • Roadster Elegance, Yezdi Legacy.

    More distant than Clearly getting around is involved in riding my Yezdi Roadster. This Classic sportfisherman has a sense of Yezdi rubric in everyride. This motorcycle is exercised for More distant than exclusively exchanging. It all comes down to carrying out the tricks and Classic supplication that the Roadster type provides. The dateless face and smooth interpretation of the Roadster show Yezdi's devotion to the Classic sportfisherman experience in everyride. It's not Clearly a bike. The Design of the Yezdi Roadster reflects the rider's love of stretch floating and pays homage to rubric and faculty.

  • Better handling and powerful

    With the low seat height and good ground clearance this bike gives good comfort. The features are very good in this bike and is a very powerful bike and provides better sound and handling. It is a modern classic bike that provides great tech and attractive look. The finishing is very good and the ride quality is absorbent and the performance is very impressive but has a limited sales and services. Yezdi Roadster has powerful and refined engine and the performance of this bike is very good.

  • Good Bike

    Boasting excellent handling and a fantastic road grip, Yezdi is a brand worth considering, especially if you're contemplating a Royal Enfield. While it may be slightly more expensive than the Classic 350 and Meteor, it proves to be a value-for-money bike that is worth trying at least once.

  • Yezdi roadster

    I brought the yezdi roadster in april 2022.I had originally planned for meteor 350, But after giving this bike a test drive, I went for this for its killer looks and mind blowing torque.Now coming to the bike itself, Finish is good.The welding works could have been better though.The bike no doubt feels premium and is a head turner on road.Driveability- this is surely a good drive.The weight management is very good as the bike doesn't feel heavy while driving.Cornering and city ride with moderate traffic is easy.2nd, 3rd and 4th gears are great for pickup and overtaking while 5th and 6th gears are excellent on tours.However, Driving in city requires frequent gear shifting, As the bike tends to knock at lower speeds on 3rd and 4th gear too, Approx about at 30-40kmph.The radiator fans kicks off quiet frequently in city drive and may give an offending fan noise to the rider.The exhaust from the radiator is, I would say, Misplaced to the footrest which sends off very hot air to the feet.You cannot drive this without proper foot gear as after sometime you can definitely feel your feet burn.But, Given the excellent torque, Weight management, Balanced and good wheelbase driving this beast is fun.I didn't feel any pain in the wrists after long drives which is common when i ride few other bikes.The ground clearance of this bike is very good and it feels very stable even at uneven roads, But the suspension is set to hard so you can feel the bumps.The headlights are led, With not so good light throw even at high beam and you may need after market lights if you drive at night on highways or if offroading.Mileage- this can be deal breaker for many but on road mileage varies widely from approx 22-25 in city traffic to 30 approx on highways.Accessories- presently aftermarket accessories are quiet limited but will grow with time.Service cost- service cost is bit higher with the first service costing around 1900 rupees, But motul engine oil and quality consumables were given.Overall a good bike if you like good torque, Speed and retro looks.

  • Certainly! Here's a review

    The adventure began on a classic yezdi bike, A true icon of the open road.The ride took us through winding mountain roads, Offering breathtaking views of lush green valleys and towering peaks.The powerful thump of the yezdi engine echoed through the serene landscape, Creating a symphony of adventure.The bike's sturdy build and comfortable seating made it ideal for long rides.The ride quality was surprisingly smooth, Even on bumpy terrain, Thanks to its robust suspension.The powerful engine delivered a thrilling combination of torque and speed, Making uphill climbs effortless and highway cruising a delight.One standout feature of the yezdi was its timeless design, Which turned heads wherever we went.The chrome accents and classic silhouette evoked a sense of nostalgia while commanding respect on the road.However, The yezdi thirst for fuel was noticeable, But it was a minor trade-off for the exhilarating experience it offered.Overall, Riding the yezdi was an unforgettable adventure, Blending classic charm with modern performance for a ride that left a lasting impression.

  • 2.2
    Touring bike

    Probably, I went for a test drive with over expectations, I.Wasnt impressed at all after my test drive 9th block jayanagar, Bangalore showroom.Here are few.Points 1.Initially throttle performance is good in comparison to re meteor, However ride experience on meteor is like butter smooth, While roadster is very rough and not refined.2.In case your idea is touring bike, Roadster is a.Confused ergonomics.It's neither here or there.3.Gears don't slot well.On the dashboard it showed gear is in 0 or neutral, And then opened the clutch.Bike simply jumped, Stalled and fell.I wasn't hurt thankfully, But had to pay for minor damages, For none of my fault.At this price point if yezdi can't get their gear shifts right, Then they will never get it.So.Simply no to this new yezdis roadster and no competition to re meteor which wins this hands down.

  • an authentic and untamed lift

    In the world of motorcycles, the Yezdi Roadster stands as an unusual emulsion of once appeal and coincidental engineering. Its quaint project pays homage to defunct ages, seamlessly inwoven with ultramodern technology for an unequaled riding experience. The robust machine ignites a sense of raw authority, forging an close connection between rider and engine. Riding the Yezdi Roadster is a symphonious symphony of ergonomic comfort and intuitive control, making every trip a witching caper. While staying true to its rubric, the motorcycle subtly integrates ultramodern rudiments like ABS and a prudent digital exposition. Whether gliding through megacity thoroughfares or conquering roadways, the Yezdi Roadster unveils an unconventional fetish that beckons those who seek an authentic and untamed lift.

  • "Experience the Essence of Classic Riding with the

    I use daily the Yezdi Roadster bike to witness the substance of superb riding. With its dateless appeal and prosecution, I am fond of this model because it provides good avail and real riding sapience. The Yezdi Roadster offers open seats and a comfortable lift, icing a nostalgic and pleasurable trip. Its engine exudes an each- encompassing impact and constant excellence, making it a favourite among sweeties of excellent sedans. The Yezdi Roadster's outside design exudes a classic complication and intricacy, while the inside features convenience and comfort. Professionals choose it becaI use daily of its excellent appearance, affable ergonomics, and flawless operation. In any case, a possible debit may be limited redundant space.

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