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BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine | Striking A Beautiful Balance

The 3 Series lineup now only consists of the Gran Limousine. Is this longer wheelbase sedan all the 3 you need?

With a few small tweaks to its looks, interior and tech package, the BMW Gran Limousine is back. So what does this refreshed long wheelbase sedan hold in store for new luxury car owners and will 3 Series purists be able to palette it as the only 3 Series option? 


BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
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Damn, It’s Good Looking!

  • The Gran Limousine is now the only 3 Series on sale in the Indian market. 

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • M Sport bumpers look sporty and cool with black inserts and large air dams. 

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • Sits on 18-inch, five spoke M Sport alloys.

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • Design updates are minor but combined with the long wheelbase and low slung sedan shape to make it arguably the sportiest-looking limousine on the market.   

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • Available in single M Sport Trim with a diesel or petrol engine.

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • Especially good-looking in this Portimao blue.


BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine


Plush On The Inside?

  • The interior is classy, simply designed and with plenty of soft-touch materials as one would expect from a BMW.

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • Highlight has to be the new curved dual display screens. 

  • Features BMW’s new Cockpit Plus which is a combination of a 14.9-inch touchscreen  and a 12.3-inch driver’s display.

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • Our test car was producing an unusual amount of heat around the dual screens that it was noticeable when using touch functions

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • The iDrive controller adds control that allows easy operation by the driver.

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • Harman Kardon surround system is crisp-sounding

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • Wireless charging and panoramic sunroof are some of the feature highlights 

  • Rear seat room is as spacious as you would expect from a long-wheelbase car

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • But seats are set low so not really knee-friendly access for the elderly

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • Mood lighting lifts up the cabin ambience in a subtle and classy manner

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • Manual sunblinds for the rear windows and air cooled seats would have sweetened the deal 

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • Powerful connected car tech app includes a virtual key that you can securely store on your phone.



  • Two engine options are available. The first being the 320Ld that sports a 190PS and 400Nm, 2.0-litre diesel and the 330Li that makes 285PS and 400Nm from a 2.0-litre Petrol engine. 

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • Both feature eight-speed automatic transmissions.

  • Both are rear-wheel driven and feature launch control and different drive modes

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • We had the diesel car on test and this managed the 0-100kmph sprint in 7.42 seconds and covered the quarter mile in 15.37 seconds. 

  • 20-80kmph was also a very brisk 4.57 seconds.

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • And braking from 100kmph to zero was achieved in an impressive 35.25 metres


A Different Driving Pleasure

  • While BMW’s 3 Series was known for being a very engaging car to drive quickly, the Gran Limousine has brought a level of composure to that experience.

  • The Gran Limousine isn’t the 3 Series that eggs you to fly into corners, but neither is it as soft and floaty as the (now discontinued) 3GT was either.

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • The 320Ld now is a nice balance between its two 3 Series predecessors

  • Drive it in a relaxed manner and it's comfortable, rides great and is a sweet city car.

  • Drive a little more spiritedly and it responds admirably with good corner stability and enough grunt from the engine to keep things exciting. 

  • But it’s not the kind of car that will reward you for pushing it too hard

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • The ride quality really shines though. At city and highway speeds the cabin feels comfortable, quiet and composed

  • Sharp bumps still can catch the suspension out and it will complain with a loud thud

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
  • You will also need to be a little careful over ramps, and tall speed breakers with a full load as you could scrape the front bumper or underside on Pune’s infamous table top speedbumps.



The Gran Limousine brings a lot to the 3 Series customer. A classy, modern interior that is feature-rich and comfortable, whichever seat you choose. It’s got punchy motors too no matter which fuel you opt for. And It’s driving dynamics are a great blend of engaging and relaxing from behind the wheel while also being a comfortable, spacious cabin to be driven in too.


Yes there are few features that we would have liked to be included in this one trim lineup, but then maybe BMW will add those in a model update at a later date. It’s also probably going to have some purists squirming and making faces at the fact that it’s a ‘softer’ 3 Series. But overall, and to the appeal of a wider audience, the Gran Limousine now is an even better entry option into the world of luxury car ownership. 

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine
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