Apollo Tramplr XR and Tramplr XT Tyre Review

The Tramplr series Apollo has some adventurous plans for Indian bikers.

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As important a role they play on a two-wheeler or four-wheeler, tyres are among the most neglected components by consumers. The role of a tyre is even more crucial as one climbs the displacement and performance ladder in the world of motorcycles. Despite the performance segment gaining a lot of momentum over the past few years, we only have a handful tyre manufacturers present in this segment; and among them, the most popular Indian brand is Apollo Tyres. 

They commenced their journey with the Apollo Alpha H1s, which I am running on my personal KTM 390 Duke, and took it a notch above by introducing the Vredestein Centauro ST & NS range of performance tyres for the Indian market earlier this year. Now, Apollo wants to be a bit more adventurous and have launched the Apollo Tramplr block pattern tyres. The new Tramplr series are available in two variants - ST (for bikes upto 160cc) and the Tramplr XR (bikes between 250-350cc). We got to sample them for a quick spin and here’s what we think. 

Apollo Tramplr XR

We started our ride with the Apollo Tramplr XR on the KTM 390 Duke. Now, the Duke isn’t the first motorcycle that comes to mind when you think of off-road riding, but then again this will be a great test of the tyres. Before I talk about my ride experience, let’s talk about the details of the tyre. It's an all-terrain block pattern tyre with a 70:30 on-road/off-road bias. Similar to the Apollo Alpha H1, the Apollo Tramplr XR are the only tyres in their segment to feature steel radial technology, something one usually finds in premium rubber. 

The first bit of the ride was a dry trail; and on the loose surface, the Apollos felt confident. As we proceeded further the dirt became more thick and moist, this is where things got tricky. I wasn’t sure whether the Tramplr XR would be able to handle the slippery surface, but to my surprise it was holding its line confidently. However, as I began to give more throttle, the rear started sliding, now this was more to do with the manic power delivery of the KTM 390 Duke. What I liked was that the slides were controlled, and that instilled confidence in me. On the slush patches, the deep grooves of the tyres helped in maintaining stability and again made the section rather easy to ride. 

Once on the road, the Tramplrs didn’t feel very out of place like some block-pattern tyres do, but I wouldn’t comment more on its road performance as we rode for a brief patch. Although the off-road ride was short, it gave me a fair idea of the tyre and how it can make street bikes more versatile. With the Apollo Tramplr XR you can hit the weekend trails or conquer Umling La on street-focussed motorcycles such as the BMW G 310 R, KTM Dukes, Yamaha FZ 25s and more. 

This for me is the most impressive bit of the Apollo tyre, as in my opinion it is more of an enabler than a Tramplr. The fact that it’s available in varying tyres sizes right from 17-inch to 19-inch makes it a great option for bikers. Also, pricing is competitive between Rs 6,500 and Rs 12,000 for a pair. On top of that Apollo claims a tyre life between 25,000 and 45,000km, depending on the size, which is very impressive. Apollo officials also mentioned that 21-inch tyres are being developed and could be launched by late 2022. 

Apollo Tramplr ST 

The Tramplr ST too are enduro tyres but they are more road biassed as they have a 80:20 on-road/off-road ratio. I rode a Yamaha MT-15 shod with these rubbers, and honestly, the ride was too short to understand their qualities. My only two takeaways were that on road, the tyre didn’t feel much out of its comfort zone despite employing a harder compound; and on gravel, it offered extra bite compared to the stock tyres of the MT-15. 

The Tramplr STs are street-bike focussed tyres and are only available in 17-inch wheel sizes. Since it targets a lower segment of bikes compared to the XR, the Apollo Tramplr ST range is priced between Rs 4,500 and Rs 6,000.

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