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  • 1. What is Ex-showroom Price?
    Ex-showroom Price of Car is the price at which a Car dealer sells a Car to retail customers which includes dealer margins, transportation costs and applicable excise, State taxes and octroi charges. Ex-showroom Price is called the basic price of the asset exclusive of any registration, insurance or loadings. This price varies for different cities.
  • 2. What is On Road Price?
    On Road Price is the final price payable by the customer to the Car dealer. It includes State Registration charges, Life Time Road Tax Payment, Mandatory Insurance and the dealer handling charges. Also includes optional costs such as accessories cost, additional optional warranty coverage. The discounts if any will also be shown and reduced while calculating the Net On Road Price. Ex-road price refers to the price at which the buyer drives away the Car.
  • 3. What are Registration charges?
    Registration is mandatory of every new vehicle. It is a unique identity of vehicle. Registration charges are cost to get the vehicle registered. Registration charges differ from state to state. Within a state it differs based on cost of Car, type of car (petrol or diesel).
  • 4. What are Dealer Handling Charges or Logistics charges?
    Dealer claims handling charges in the name of taking Car from warehouse to showroom , basic fuel, the number plate charge, cleaning of car, sundry expenses as delivery charges. The amount is quiet high and ranges from Rs 6,000 for a hatchback car to up to Rs 25,000 for luxury segment cars. The amount is much dubious considering the high price paid for. However, the charges are not claimed by dealers in India, but across most of the countries in the world as handling fees, documentary fees or even vehicle preparation fees.
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