Segway’s New EV Is A Funky, Smart Moped

The Segway C80 e-Moped has been launched in the USA

  • The Segway C80 comes with a removable lithium ion battery pack with around 85km range.
  • It also comes with modern tech like keyless operation, GPS-enabled anti-theft function & all-LED lighting.
  • The Segway C80 is priced at an equivalent of Rs 1.39 lakh in the US.
eMopedC d2

You may recall Xiaomi had launched the Ninebot C30 electric moped in the Chinese market back in July. Well, an interesting tidbit is that Ninebot itself is a Beijing-based electric mobility company backed by Xiaomi. In 2015, it acquired USA-based Segway, and the latter has now launched the C80 e-moped in America. It is essentially a rebadged version of the Ninebot sold by Xiaomi in the oriental market.

Priced at 1,899 USD (around Rs 1.39 lakh), the Segway is as legal as a bicycle because its top speed is restricted to 32kmph. The electric moped draws power from a 750W hub motor linked to a removable 1152Wh lithium-ion battery pack. It offers a claimed range of 85km, which is more than enough for intra-city runabouts. Even if you run out of juice, you still have the assurance of pedal power (it's retractable too) to take you to the nearest charging point. 

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What makes this e-moped even more unique, apart from the funky colour schemes, is that it is loaded with modern bits like a GPS-enabled anti theft function, NFC-enabled keyless operation, a smart seat lock that senses when the rider gets off the moped and activates the lock. The handlebar also gets colour-coded status lights, along with a large digital instrument cluster in the center. 

Preorders for the Segway C80 electric moped are already open and the deliveries will commence from November onwards. What do you guys think about this cute EV? Do let us know in the comments below.

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