Nearly ALL TVS Models Receive A Price Hike!

Everything from mopeds to scooters to bikes has become more expensive, by upto Rs 3,500


If you’re looking to buy a TVS sometime soon then you’re more than likely in for an unpleasant surprise because the Hosur manufacturer has hiked prices across nearly its entire range over the last few days. Some models, like the popular NTorq, have gotten away with a minor increase of just over Rs 600 but in cases like the Apache RTR 160 2V, the hike is a substantial Rs 3,500. The full model-wise breakup is available below.


Old Price

New Price



Rs 42,362 - 43,932

Rs 43,362 - 45,432

Rs 1,000 - 1,500


Rs 58,992 - 64,992

Rs 59,742 - 65,742

Rs 750


Rs 61,499 - 67,911

Rs 62,062 - 68,562

Rs 613 - 651


Rs 65,975 - 72,455

Rs 66,885 - 73,365

Rs 910

RTR 160 2V

Rs 93,500 - 96,500

Rs 97,000 - 1,00,000

Rs 3,500

RTR 180 2V

Rs 1,01,450

Rs 1,03,950

Rs 2,500

This comes after the price hike that the 4V Apaches received just a couple of weeks ago. If you’re wondering about the reason for these price hikes, there is no official statement from the manufacturer, but there are a few very likely possibilities. The first is that the addition of fuel-injection and an extra catalytic converter is obviously more expensive than the manufacturer first let on, and it has decided to space this increment out over multiple smaller price hikes rather than one a big one, to reduce the perceived shock to the customer.

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Another factor is that with the nation in lockdown, sales have reduced drastically, forcing the manufacturers to increase prices. Also, it’s possible that supply chain disruptions from China have forced manufacturers into opting for more expensive alternatives from elsewhere, and this increased cost is being passed on to the buyers. Whatever the case may be, we just hope that the barrage of price hikes ends soon.

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