2016 EICMA Motorcycle Show: Vespa Electtrica electric scooter showcased

The Vespa Electtrica will be the latest electric scooter from the Italian brand and will be launched in late 2017



Vespa Electtrica




If there is one scooter that is synonymous with scooters then it has to be Vespa. The Piaggio owned Italian brand is renowned across the globe for its range of scooters. At the 2016 EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, Vespa sprung a surprise as it unveiled the Electtrica. As you would have figured out from the name, the Electtrica is the latest electric scooter from the iconic two-wheeler manufacturer. Vespa hasn’t divulged much details about the new scooter but said that the Electtrica has been conceptualized based on the needs of the modern urban buyer.



Vespa Electtrica




Given the stringent emission norms and the push for electric mobility, the Vespa Electtrica should do good business when it will be launched by late-2017. The scooter is still in concept form and Vespa is still developing the upcoming electric scooter. One fact that we can confirm is that the Vespa Electtrica will retain the classical “Vespa styling” which is among the key factors for success of the Italian brand. The Vespa Electtrica wouldn’t be coming to India anytime soon, though, the flagship Vespa 946 Emporio Armani edition will be launched on November 15th.