This Is Not The Toyota Hilux We Need, But It Sure Is The Hilux We Want!

  • Jan 11, 2023
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The Toyota Hilux Extreme Off-road Concept makes the standard Hilux look downright weak

As expected, the Auto Expo 2023 is packed with interesting concepts and models from various carmakers. Toyota has also showcased a bunch of cars from the future, including the bZ4x, the brand’s first-ever take on an EV. But truth be told, our eyes were fixated on something so red and loud that it was quite impossible to miss. 

Meet the Hilux Extreme Extreme Off-road Concept — basically a Hilux on steroids. Toyota surprised us with this big red chunk of awesomeness but has kept all the details under wraps. Here are 10 detailed images of the off-roader along with what we could figure out from them: 

There’s so much going on with this Hilux but we’ll try to calm down and report on just what we see. First and foremost, it is enormous, fully ready to withstand and take on an apocalypse or a zombie outbreak if ever the need arises. 

We see a massive bull bar, auxiliary lights (more than we can count), an LED light bar that can blind oncoming traffic, heavy-duty tow hooks, and a giant skid plate/engine guard. Toyota wasn’t kidding when it decided to call it the ‘Extreme Off-Road Concept.’

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There’s obviously some serious off-road kit under that body. A 6-inch lift kit, dedicated long-travel off-road suspension, control arms, etc might be the works. The pickup now sits way higher than a standard Hilux, so much so that you basically can set up a camp below it. 

Is that an ORVM or some kind of weapon? We frankly aren’t too sure of either, coz we have seen few things as outrageous as this. You can also see the snorkel and the tubular side steps. 

The mammoth Radar Renegade R/T, rugged terrain off-road tyres. Radar is part of Omni United, a newly established tyre group based out of Singapore. 

Well, you definitely don’t need to worry about running out of tyres with the Hilux Extreme Off-Road Concept. Again, there’s no real shortage of tow hooks in this pickup truck.

A closeup of the front suspension setup because why not? 

May the lights be with you!

A jerry can for some fuel is very thoughtful considering we all know how dismal the fuel economy is going to be. The tough roof rack is also an essential item since the two massive off-road tyres basically take up all the pickup space. 

Never thought we’d say this but this is the most outlandish and bizarre thing at the Auto Expo 2023. Wonder who even drives something like this. That said, how can we immediately commission one, Toyota? 

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