Lamborghini Hits A Century And A Half For Huracan Deliveries In India

  • Jun 22, 2023
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The stint of the Huracan, successor to the iconic Gallardo which debuted in 2014, is coming to an end soon. And yet, its desirability knows no bounds

Lamborghini is one of those few sports car brands with a presence in India not just for the sake of an expansive footprint and charisma, but because it actually manages to do decent sales in the country. Today is one of the days when the brand is celebrating a sales milestone, as it just delivered the 150th unit of the Huracan, setting a local brand record in the process.

The Huracan has always been one of the more successful models for the Italian carmaker, second only to the Urus SUV, which is a customer favourite for obvious reasons. And even though it made its debut back in 2014, which makes it nearly a decade old, customers still seem to favour it over other super/sport car offerings and it isn’t without reason. 

Thanks to the numerous iterations, it is evident that Lamborghini has developed the Huracan over the years, honing its driving abilities and improving its styling to make it look even more aggressive and sinister. But the secret element that drives the sales lies elsewhere: in something that isn’t tangible, but rather evokes an unmatched visceral feeling.

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We know that the Huracan’s replacement will feature some sort of electrification, just like on the Revuelto, the successor to the Aventador. So, the pure, unfiltered, raw note of that 5.2-litre naturally aspirated V10 engine won’t be retained and heck, that engine could even be downsized, though we hope Lambo doesn't do that just yet. Hence, people have realised what the Huracan represents at the moment: the very last of a dying breed of pure raging bulls, without any sort of electrification, from Sant'Agata Bolognese.

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It was just recently that Lamborghini retailed the first unit of the Huracan Tecnica in India, which is one of its latest avatars after the Huracan Sterrato off-roader. Ultimately, though, we have a teardrop in our eyes – but a smile on our face – witnessing the Huracan getting the attention it deserves before the dawn of hybrids and EVs cast a shadow upon us.

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