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Airbag-equipped Jeans - The Next Step In Protective Riding Gear

A Swedish brand’s creation, they’re set to go on sale soon

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Protective clothing has evolved quite a bit since its inception, from leather panels to purpose-made materials like D3O. The pinnacle, though, is airbag tech, already seen in track racing suits, and lately in top-shelf jackets. And now Swedish brand Mo’cycle has slotted in the last piece of the puzzle, with airbag-equipped riding jeans.

The basic tech here is a module within the jeans, inflated courtesy a replaceable CO2 canister. The canister is triggered via a harness which can be attached to the motorcycle and as the brand states, inflates fully within milliseconds. The inflatable channels wrap around the thigh and hips, protecting them from impact as well as stabilising your thigh and protecting against hyper-extension (which can lead to muscle tears). Moreover, the inflatable module is removable and deflates automatically as well over time. 

Besides the airbag tech, the jeans feature Knox CE-rated protection at the knees and hips. Mo’cycle says the jeans – in regular conditions – are just as breathable as a regular pair of jeans, with the black colour model featuring a water-resistant property in the colour itself. 

Speaking of price and availability, Mo’cycle’s entire operation has materialised courtesy Indiegogo (a crowdfunding initiative), so the initial price of $499 (roughly Rs 41,260, excluding taxes) may drop as production ramps up. However, considering Mo’cycle is a Swedish brand, with end-to-end manufacturing in Europe, chances of these jeans coming to India are remote at the moment.

Ultimately, though, motorcycle accidents are a painful reality irrespective of rider skill or technology like ABS and traction control. A small way of alleviating injuries, then, is protective clothing. So we urge you to always wear appropriate protective gear on your two-wheeler no matter its performance, your riding skills or the distance you plan to cover.

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