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  • Q. How many airbags in ford freestyle titanium plus?
    Abhishek | 1 year ago

    6 airbags

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  • Q. Which type of airbag does the Ford Freestyle has in it - SRS or SRP?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    Ford Freestyle is equipped with SRS Airbags. Click on the given link to know more about Ford Freestyle: https://bit.ly/2J5e1vJ

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  • Q. Is it worth buying Freestyle? If it is, for short distance coverage daily is it worth buying diesel car? If petrol car is suggested then choosing among Titanium, Ambiente and Trend is a problem?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    The raised ground clearance, the punchy new petrol engine, the slick-shifting gearbox and the amount of safety tech that is on offer. The diesel engine, on the other hand, continues to be as capable and potent as before. The only downside of the Freestyle is the lack of an automatic option at a time when every other carmaker is offering AMTs and CVTs. If you are traveling less than 50-60km a day, opt for a petrol car instead of a diesel. With the extra Rs 1-1.50 lakh spent on a diesel purchase, you can actually drive a similar petrol car for as many as two years! So, do your math carefully. A diesel usually makes sense if you are driving above 60/70km a day. Also, we would suggest you to look for Titanium Variant. In fact, even if you consider the total add-ons you get over the base Ambiente variant for a sum of around Rs 1.3 lakh, the Titanium variant comes across as a great deal.

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  • Q. Are the features given in Freestyle are useful actually in daily life or I have to pay them blindly for the name of features?
    Ain | 6 months ago

    Great question, Pranjal.Let me attempt to answer this.I own Freestyle Titanium petrol since June 2018 and live in Bangalore. I have driven in heavy traffic of Bangalore and also on highways.The features which I found useful are:1. Hill assist - If you are stuck in traffic jam on an inclined road, this feature is bliss. Prevent car from sliding back without using handbrake or half clutch throttle.2. Traction Control and ARP: Maneuvering at high speeds on highways is smooth without worrying that the vehicle might tumble. I realised this difference between Wagon R and Freestyle. Wagon R is a taller hatchback but much less stable than Freestyle at high speeds.3. Infotainment system: Best in class! Much better than i20, Jazz or Baleno.If the above factors matter for you, the features in Freestyle are worth it.Other features which influenced my decision to buy Freestyle is its best in class ground clearance and power.Mileage is better than i20, comparable to Polo and Jazz and worse than Baleno.

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  • Q. Ford freestyle vs i20 -2018 vs baleno-2018 vs new maruti swift out of above which one to buy, with respect to all the features. comfort, safety, performance & for sure OVERALL raiting. Planning to buy this Diwali please recommend.
    Yash | 1 year ago

    If you want my advice you buy Ford freestyle diesel trend modal this modal is value of money you got good safety feathers and compared you got more and more feathers if you compare any car to Ford freestyle and diesel modal give 24 kmpl milage and petrol give 19 kmpl milage

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  • Q. Hi, I already have a Tata Vista and used it for 8 years hassle free. Avg travel is 15k Kms/Yr. Mostly Out station with full load of 5 passengers. Considering similar usage want to change the car & have Zeroed down to Tata Tigor Petrol High-end. Now found Ford Freestyle. Barring the Price constraints, please suggest on the below queries: 1 - What's the Avg Kms per service needed for both cars and avg cost per service 2 - Rear seating comfort if its for 3 people 3 - Continuation of American Automobile players in India as I heard that they might pull out of India 4 - Avg. service and spare part costs difference 5 - Over all driver's pleasure factor in both the cars
    Arun | 1 year ago

    Hi, the Tigor is a better five seater, but that engine is just lack lustre. The Freestyle is a better car in terms of drivability, refinement and even ride quality. If the space seems adequate to your family, I'd suggest you pick the Ford. Pulling out of a market is not an overnight decision. Don't worry about that. Ford's here to stay.

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    A. Ford Freestyle is available in 7 colours:
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