• Q. What is the best car between Elite i20 Sports Plus (petrol) and Baleno Zeta (petrol)According to 1) Rear seat comfort 2) Average per litre (Actual avg. in city) 3) Strong (crash test against Safety)4) Anuual maintenance 5)Service.

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    Vinay | 7 months ago

    Elite i20 is a good car, very good comfort level, good build quality materials used inside & outside of car but need to compromise with mileage of petrol i20. One thing is sure once you enter inside of car & drive it, you feel premium car like Audi driving experience. Performance wise car takes times to get pick up in 2nd gear, It easily go 60 - 100 km without any extra efforts very smoothly. Need to say if you are looking for premium class with good comfort can go blindly with i20 but mileage wise slightly slow compare to any Maruti vehicles... What else to say further.... As i have Elite i 20 Asta O Petrol 2017 model and driving busy Bangalore city traffic gets around 11 -12 km in city & highway around 16 - 18 km depends on driving pattern. You can easily get around 17 km with smooth driving on highway & 12 km in city with full time Ac. Even i gets same till now. Maintenance come around 5- 7 thousands with service interval 10000 km

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    Trishaank | 8 months ago

    Rear seat comfort - baleno bcoz of wider caraverage - baleno(its a maruti) strong - i20 for sure (maruti totally unreliable) annual maintainence - both r more or less same service - go for Hyundai as they a bit more sophisticated and professional choice should be i20 if life is more precious

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    Rekha | 8 months ago

    Baleno has more/wider rear seat...but comfort wise i20 is better... average anytime baleno is better...crash test i don't know... maintenance baleno more...service network baleno...but hyundai also has good service network...

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    Saumya | 8 months ago

    I20 except point 2 and 4. But you should choose I20 as its more safer, has more space and gives a superior drive experience

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    Noushad | 5 months ago

    Comfort = i20 Avg.= balenoSafety = i20

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    Sunil | 8 months ago


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    Harshit | 8 months ago


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