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  • Q. Which is better Kia Seltos petrol or diesel?
    Balakrishnan | 3 weeks ago

    @ Satish | @ balakrishnan | 1) if you drive more than 15, 000 to 20,000 km per year go for the diesel.2) if your driving kilometers is less than 15000 per year go for the petrol.3) if you are addicted to the torque of diesel, get the diesel variant, irrespective of annual kilometers covered.4) if you are a connoisseur, to get maximum pleasure of driving & not bothered about the mileage or maintenance costs, go for the DCT ( 7 speed Dual clutch transmission) in Turbo petrol.Special Remarks, Assimilate the art of driving a DCT from Google ( Theory) & grasp the gist of it, before you test drive a DCT.

    1) Diesel will have slightly more maintenance costs than petrol version, however this is offset by distance travelled over 15,000 km per year, AC usage, full load of passengers looking, luggage etc.2) However maintenance & servicing of DCT is expensive, because of the Nature of the components, high cost of spares, replacement, consumables of the DCT.3) Further DCT is a premium version & Naturally servicing & spares will be substantially higher, when compared to other versions.4) DCT variant is for premium segment, those who are willing to spend money for luxury, sporty feel, high power output. Those looking for economy should avoid DCT & gofor petrol or diesel. Also kia makes maximum margin on the DCT variant. 5) That said, I emphasize that DCT variant servicing & maintenance will be substantially higher, but it will not cost a bomb, like Audi, Skoda, Mercedes etc so test drive a DCT & if you love it, go for it, without regrets.

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  • Q. What is the mileage of Kia Seltos petrol and diesel variant?
    Balakrishnan | 1 month ago

    1) petrol version gives 14 kmpl in city & 18 on high ways & 12 kmpl in bumper to bumper traffic.2) Diesel gives 16 kmpl in city & 20 kmpl on high ways & 12 kmpl on B to B traffic3) Turbo petrol DCT gives 12 kmpl in city & 18 kmpl on high ways & 8 kmpl on B to B traffic.4) Automatics usually gives 2 to 3 kmpl less compared to their manual counterparts.

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    Zigwheels | 8 months ago

    Since the vehicle is not launched yet, it would be hard to give any opinion over the availability of any sort of transmission. Please wait for the launch of Kia SP2i. For more, you can click on the link below. Stay tuned for further updates: https://www.zigwheels.com/news-features/news/kia-sp2i-compact-suv-to-be-called-seltos-in-india/34035/

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  • Q. I am confused, I drive around 25000 Km/Year, due to current scenario and govt regulations, Which car is best suitable for me in 1500cc segment, Petrol or Diesel - Seltos?
    Aadithfast6 | 1 month ago

    Even we had that confusion my mum wanted the diesel seltos because the diesel engine was an older and reliable engine, the diesel engine doesn't heat up as much as the the petrol engine too, then another advantage is more mileage. But the petrol variant has way more power and it comes with those transmission modes in the GT line. There is a high chance of diesel cars getting faced out in a few years, so in this scenario if you have bought a diesel variant, in the future the car may lose its resale value and it would be harder to maintain. In the end, go for the petrol as we did, it's absolutely mind boggling (#faisalkhan lol)

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  • Q. If my monthly average running is below 2500 KM then economically as well as performance wise which engine is better for me among Kia Seltos 1.5 Petrol and 1.5 Diesel? My travel include weekly 250 km in city during working days and 1000 km long drive once in a month. Please advise.
    Zigwheels | 4 months ago

    As per the requirement, we'd suggest you to go with the 1.5-litre diesel engine of Kia Seltos. The diesel engines are more efficient and use 15−20% less fuel meaning cheaper running costs. The 1.5-litre diesel engine makes 115PS of power and 250Nm of peak torque mated to a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic gearbox. Check out the 2019 Kia Seltos First Drive Review for more information.

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  • Q. Is Kia Seltos recommended to use CNG?
    Zigwheels | 6 months ago

    Installing a CNG kit in a mid-size SUV would not be a wise decision as the CNG-powered engine does generate the desired power for a vehicle of this size. Moreover, we'd recommend connecting with the nearest authorized dealership for a better insight into it. Follow the link and select your city accordingly for dealership details - Kia Car Showrooms

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    Kia Seltos Price & Variants FAQs

    Q. Is Kia Seltos available through CSD canteen?
    A. Yes, Kia Seltos is available through CSD canteen.
    Q. What are the diesel variants of Kia Seltos?
    Kia Seltos is available in 8 Diesel variants, out of which 3 are automatic and 5 are manual. The base Diesel variant Seltos HTE D starts at Rs. 10.34 lakh. and the top-end Diesel variant Seltos GTX Plus AT D is priced at Rs. 17.34 lakh.
    Q. What are the automatic variants of Kia Seltos?
    Kia Seltos is available in 6 Automatic variants, out of which 3 are diesel and 3 are petrol. The base Automatic variant Seltos HTK Plus AT D starts at Rs. 13.54 lakh. and the top-end Automatic variant Seltos GTX Plus AT D is priced at Rs. 17.34 lakh.
    Q. What are the manual variants of Kia Seltos?
    Kia Seltos is available in 12 Manual variants, out of which 5 are diesel and 7 are petrol. The base Manual variant Seltos HTE G starts at Rs. 9.89 lakh. and the top-end Manual variant Seltos GTX Plus is priced at Rs. 16.29 lakh.
    Q. What are the top variants of Kia Seltos?
    A. Kia Seltos is available in 18 variants:
    HTE G : Rs. 9.89 lakh
    HTK G : Rs. 10.29 lakh
    HTE D : Rs. 10.34 lakh
    HTK Plus G : Rs. 11.49 lakh
    HTK D : Rs. 11.54 lakh
    HTK Plus D : Rs. 12.54 lakh
    HTX G : Rs. 13.09 lakh
    HTK Plus AT D : Rs. 13.54 lakh
    GTK : Rs. 13.79 lakh
    HTX IVT G : Rs. 14.09 lakh
    HTX D : Rs. 14.14 lakh
    GTX : Rs. 15.29 lakh
    HTX Plus D : Rs. 15.34 lakh
    GTX DCT : Rs. 16.29 lakh
    GTX Plus : Rs. 16.29 lakh
    HTX Plus AT D : Rs. 16.34 lakh
    GTX Plus DCT : Rs. 17.29 lakh
    GTX Plus AT D : Rs. 17.34 lakh
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