• Q. I want to upgrade the tyre size of Triber RXZ model. Please help what size should I go for?

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    Zigwheels | 2 months ago

    Renault Triber RXZ comes with the tyre of 185/65 R15 profile and you may upsize the tyre by 1 inch but changing the tyre profile affects the car’s overall performance and up-sizing needs to be done in a manner that befits the vehicle’s performance. The most important thing to be kept in mind is that up-sizing must be done in a proportionate manner. In other words, if the width of the tyre has been increased, the sidewalls of the tyre must be decreased too. This is to ensure that overall diameter of the wheel is not affected in any way.Upgrading tyre size poses numerous advantages for both the performance and the appearance of the car. Wider tyres enhance the car’s side profile, adding a sturdier and more appealing look as a whole. Besides raising the aesthetics quotient of the car, upsized tyres serve other benefits as well. Using a wider tyre provides more surface area for the car’s weight to spread on the ground, therefore, higher grip and traction. Tyre upsizing gives the vehicle a better grip when cruising. This allows for more eased driving and better stability. All in all, wider tyres ensure enhanced balance, stability and traction for the vehicle.Moreover, tyre upsizing could be both a boon and a bane, depending on the specific necessities of the vehicle and its driver. Wider tyres have their own arena of downsides to match their pros. The basic principle here is that with wider tyres and more traction, the vehicle’s top speed goes down. An increase in weight and greater traction enforce a greater burden on the vehicle’s engine capacity, thereby slowing down its acceleration. In addition to acceleration, the vehicle’s fuel economy also suffers with wider tyres. Driver who prefer lighter steering might not like the upsizing tyres due to increased steering effort. So, exchange your words with the nearest autborised service center for better clarity. Check out authorised dealership details.

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    Prasoon | 1 month ago

    Go for the size that you want depending on your goal. Just make sure that the changes do not result in more than 2% rolling diameter from factory settings.

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