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KTM RC 390
KTM RC 390 Rs. 2.53 Lakh

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  • Q. I have Heard from experienced riders that KTM RC 390 Has got overheating problems. I want to buy it.. Has It Got That Problem Or It Has been fixed???
    Anubhav | 6 months ago

    The problem is not the heat.BIG capacity bikes tend to heat up quite a bit.The actual problem lies in the riding gear that is used.If a rider is riding in shorts and slippers, which is not the way to ride any bike actually, then heat can be unsettling but if proper riding gear is used then you wont feel a thing.And in short, No the bike does not have heating issues since 2017.Ride safe.

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  • Q. What about the vibrations? Are they negligible? or do they creep in all the time - RC 390?
    Bhavani | 1 year ago

    No it does vibrate. Mainly the entire body is made out of fibre to reduce weight power ratio in the engine. The battery panel which is clearly an risky place to keep in front of the petrol tank, will surely get vibrations with use. You will definitely see is intensity increase with time. Mirrors also become squeaky. So vibrations from engine will be felt at high speeds of over 80kmh. So don't expect a smooth peaceful ride on this bike

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  • Q. How is it for touring - RC 390?
    Pranav | 1 year ago

    Not good at all for touring... I have had a lot of issues regarding the coolent and the radiator fan... Engine Overheating and head gasket issues.... This issues don't appear on short city rides.... But eventually arise when you take it for long tours. Also the bike is not at all comfortable and where to keep the luggage? Prefer Duke 390/250 for touring if KTM is your choice of brand.

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    KTM RC 390 Mileage & Performance FAQs

    Q. What is the mileage of KTM RC 390?
    A. The KTM RC 390 gives a mileage of 25 kmpl.
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