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Discontinued Model since 8 Jul 2019

Bajaj Pulsar 180 Overview

Even though it is one of the oldest motorcycles to be still on sale in the country, the Bajaj Pulsar 180 continues to be one of the company’s best selling motorcycles month by month. More than 15 years after its launch, it continues to hold its own against the modern-day competition. Powering it still the same 178cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine which delivers 17.02PS of power and 14.22Nm of torque. It gets a 15-litre fuel tank, tubeless tyres and LED tail lamps. The only competition for the Bajaj Pulsar 180 is the TVS Apache RTR180.

Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Pulsar 180

Q. Does the pulsar 150 can go for a long ride which is about 300 kms?
  • Definitely you can go, it depends how did you maintain your bike. Take rest for 20minutes or 30minutes after every 100KM, this technique will create less pressure on your bike. : By Anunoy | 4 months ago
  • You will feel... back pain.. for long ride i will suggest to go for 180 cc pulsar : By Vipul | 1 month ago
  • Yeah pulsar can go anywherebut instead of 150 if its 180 then more comfortable and safe cause 180 has more pickup and dual disc brakes : By Rajat | 8 months ago
Q. How is the performance - Pulsar 180?
  • The 178.6cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke motor generates a maximum power output of 17.02PS @ 8500rpm and 14.22Nm of torque at 6500rpm. The power is transferred to the rear wheel via a 5-speed gearbox. The Pulsar 180 has a fuel tank capacity of 15 litres and weighs in at 145kg at the kerb. Braking is managed by a 260mm disc up front and a 230mm drum at the rear. The Pulsar 180 features similar power figures as the Apache RTR 180. Even though it has started to show its age, it still retains the gruff character of the first Pulsars. Also, the Pulsar feels more planted and sturdy around corners. Barring the Apache RTR 180 with ABS, which costs Rs 10,000 more than than the standard version and the Pulsar 180, the latter still comes across as a handsome package. : By Zigwheels | 1 year ago
  • Performance is good of pulsar 180 pickup of this bike is awesome if we do service on time and wash ur vehicle once in 15 days @ service centre no any issue come of maintenance and i am using my pulsar 180cc from last 4 years once only i had change chain kit and nothing other maintenance i had done performance pickup mileage all is ok till yet. No heating problem if u ride smoothly in city Publish Delete Edit. No heating problem if u ride smoothly in city. : By Arfat | 1 year ago
  • Very well...i have been riding the bike for 8 years : By Vipul | 1 month ago
Q. I want to know about the self start of pulsar 180cc bike. If suppose where there is very heavy rainfall of around 2 to 3 hours, at that time self start wont work in that case how can i able to start as there is no kick start?
  • The battery is powerful. I have been using it since 5 years and never faced any problem with slef start. I put up in bangalore and in winter its too cold here. Even in such weather, self start works at 3am in the morning. Worst case you can push the bike when in neural and switch to 1st gear releasing the clutch and raising the accelerator, you can start the Engine without needing self or kick start. : By Dmg | 1 year ago
  • Battery is powerful than other bikes i am using pulsar 180 since 2012 i have not faced starting trouble due to rain.. Battery changed twice in last 7 years while the battery changing time we manually push the vehicle in 2nd gear and start the vehicle.. same method we usually do for cars when having starting trouble.. : By Jeeva | 1 year ago
  • Put the bike in 2nd gear..and run...and release the clutch frequently ..the bike will start : By Vipul | 1 month ago
Q. Can I fit ABS to newly purchased pulsar 180cc bike?
  • Pulser fully loaded 180 with abs : By Mukesh | 2 months ago
  • Aftermarket ABS is not recommended. Also there are no professionals in India who do so. : By Siddharth | 11 months ago
  • Its better not to as your bike is new and it'll certainly void your warranty. : By Uddipta | 11 months ago
Q. Is it equipped with rear disc brake - Pulsar 180?
  • Comes to the Pick up Apache 160 4V is the lead. If we go to the Top End Speed Pulsar 180 is good.. Apache 160 4V has the more Riding comfort than Pulsar 180. : By SREEJESH | 10 months ago
  • Bajaj started providing rear disc brake on pulsar 180 from 2018 model. : By Monish | 10 months ago
  • Yes p180 bs4 models come with pre-installed rear disc brakes : By Uddipta | 10 months ago
Q. Which front tyre suits Pulsar 180 with better grip on the road,.
  • Company fitted Tyres are d best i.e MRF if you want best replacement Michelin Tyres are the best , if in Budget you can check Ceat Tyres : By Sudarshan | 10 months ago
  • You might want to consider Michelin Pilot Sporty 90/90-17 : By Uddipta | 11 months ago
  • Michelin Sports got better grip while turning. : By SREEJESH | 10 months ago
Q. Is Apache RTR 160 is better than Pulser 180 and FZ and Honda Hornet and CBR 150?
  • Don't know about pulsar 180 but yes its better than the other three you've mentioned! : By Kshitiz | 2 days ago
  • No : By Totally | 1 year ago
Q. Do Bajaj Pulsar 180 has tubeless tyre?
  • Yes, and usually any 2 wheeler coming with alloy wheels would have tubeless tyres. : By Navneet | 1 week ago
  • Yes : By Mani | 5 days ago
Q. Does new 150 have same weight as that of 180 - Pulsar 150?
  • Yes : By Sainik | 3 weeks ago
  • No, absolutely 150 have less weight. : By Birender | 1 year ago
  • Nope, 150 is lighter than 180. : By Rahmatullah | 1 year ago
Q. Hello, members of Zigwheels, when I self start my bike, there is a tickling sound inside the engine too. I've noticed the connecting rod lock for the magnet and coil was broken and damaged the rod a little bit. Is that the problem for the sound? Please suggest what could be wrong if the bike doesn't start even when the battery is charged or new. Thank you. - Pulsar 180?
  • Check the problem in details by qualified mechanic. Otherwise in future it may issue of big damage. : By Ranjan | 1 month ago
  • Go to the mechanic and repair it. : By Mayank | 1 month ago
  • Might be self motor issue : By Arvinth | 3 months ago
Q. Is pulsar 150 twindisk is the best choice or not while compared to 150 pulsar old one?
  • Q. Is pulsar 150 twin disc is the best compared to 150 pulsar old : By Goheto | 1 month ago
  • Twin disk 180 : By Mukesh | 2 months ago
  • Yes it is the best choice available at this price and segment : By ROUNAK | 4 months ago
Q. What is ARAI technology - Pulsar 180?
  • Are you asking about the milage? : By Vipul | 1 month ago
  • Co-operative industrial research association by the automotive industry with the Ministry of Industries : By Raju | 4 months ago
  • Arai is not any technology .. its an indian govt research centre for automobiles : By Arvinth | 11 months ago
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