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Rs. 65,000 - 77,360
Discontinued Model since 31 Mar 2020

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Piaggio has updated its Aprilia range of 150cc scooters in India with single-channel ABS. As a result, the Aprilia SR 150 ABS gets a price hike of a little over Rs 8,000. Aside from this, the scooter remains unchanged.So what's new? For starters, the scooter now comes with all-new semi-digital instrument console, replacing the old analogue unit. Finished in full black, the console comes with warning lights, which includeoil change reminder and low-fuel indicator. Apart from this, the 2019 SR 150 also packs a USB phone charger in the underseat storage bin as standard. The scooter also gets the 'Aprilia Connect' app, which offers features like navigation, mobile connectivity, distress button and vehicle tracking. It is available on both iOS and Android.The SR 150 now comes in three colours - matte blue, olive matte green and the carbon edition, along with the existing black and white option. However, the company has priced the SR 150 Carbon Edition around Rs 3,000 more than the standard model, at Rs 73,500.

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Q. What is the price of the clutch shoe set of Aprilia SR 150?
  • We'd suggest you to please connect with the nearest authorized service center in order to get exact details regarding the prices and availability of spare parts. Click on the given link and select your desired city for service centers.
Q. Which tyre best for Aprilia sr150.?
  • Aprilia SR 150 was available with 120/70-14 tubeless tyres at the front and rear. For more details, we would suggest you to get in touch with the nearest authorized service center in you city.
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Q. Which is the best between Burgman Street and Aprilia SR 150 ABS?
  • Well there is no comparation between both these machines because as you can notice aprilia sr150abs belongs to 150cc segment and burgman street belongs to a 125cc segment. According to government fresh laws any 2 wheelers belongs to 125cc segment should have combi breaks system and any 2 wheelers belongs to 150cc segment should have abs system installed in them.but according to looks, comfortable and for daily riding usage i would go for burgamn street while for high torque and for racing genes i would go for sr150abs.hope this answer was helpful.
  • Burgman Street has more seating space (can seat 2 large and 1 medium size person), more luggage space, quiter. Low maintenance cost.Aprilia can only seat 2 persons max that too medium size people, no luggage space.Difference is about utility
  • Aprillia is a failure model no mileage and my friends vehicle in 2 years looks junk rattling sounds. Only honda scooters have resale value. Others you have to sell throw away price. Burgman is a class vehicle
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Q. How to increase the mileage of Aprilia SR 150 and what is the economy speed of Aprilia SR 150?
  • You could try to change the round roller to sliding roller to get the better performance in good mileage and you could contact www.mirokutuning.com to get some advice about the benefits of SR sliding roller.
  • My Aprilia SR 150 has run for 2000 kms so far and two services are finished but mileage is too low.
  • Adjust the carburetor for good mileage but you will lose the pickup. 40-60 is economic speed
Q. I want to go for a long tour from my Aprilia 150, so how much km can Aprilia run without giving rest - SR 150?
  • I drove 450 kms in a single day without any issues. The total ride time including breaks was 12 hours. The road was a mix of highways and ghat sections. If you want to see the real performance of the sr, you need to take it for a long ride. It just grows on you as you ride more and more. Even the suspension's behaviour changed and was more comfortable on bumpy roads, towards the end of my ride. Stick to a 60-70 kmph range for a safe and enjoyable ride. I was able to get around 35 kmpl by maintaining this speed. Also, make sure you take a break every 70-80 kms to let the engine cool down before you start riding again.
  • Its a forced air cooled Engine. so do not stress is for more than 1 and half hours of a continuous drive...it may go upto 200-250kms without any problems but later the wear and tear of the engine would be increased...
  • As much as it's fuel tank will allow. I have ridden with a pillion for 100 kms at a stretch at speeds in excess of 90kmph stress free
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SR 150 User Reviews

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  • 2.2

    It's good, but the Ntroq is better.

  • 4.2

    Good in its segment better handling.Short pillion seat.Bit less wth accesories.Performance wise best in class as good handling and better road presence.

  • 3.0

    Biggest issue with my aprilia sr 150 is mileage i am getting hardly 22 km per litre.Which is very low.My scooter has run for 1900 km so far.Milage is embarrassing.

  • 5.0

    one of the best bike I have ever driven

  • 4.2

    The service cost is too much.& body problems keeps on coming again & again.But the pickup is awesome.😊.

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  • 2.6

    1. Sinhgad Road showroom Pune was trying to sell me the scratched product. They had good planning of this by showing me the bike in the evening low light. Rejected the product and asked for another one.2. Pathetic suspension. This bike gave me life time Back pain. I"m taking the physiotherapy currently. Worst bike for them whose work is in sitting position for more than 6-7hr.3. Look is good. Very good pickup. Average is little low but thats fine as it is 150cc. 4* for only looks n performance. 4. Worst experience in the showroom every time. I stopped servicing from the showroom even few free servicing were left and started servicing with local mechanics.5. Pros: style, look, pickup, compact. Cons: Suspensions(pathetic), Average (32)-that"s not bad for me. Service charges becomes little high bcz of complicated internal design like wirings n settings, it takes much time of mechanic which force them to charge more money which results in higher servicing charges.

  • 2.6

    I have Aprillia sr 1502018 over all bike is good for performance but it not for person who is looking for comfort because the suspension is stiff and u can feel every bump on road. The top speed is 120kmph when u are single and with pillion it will reach around 110kmph without stress.The engine is smooth and refined there is not vibrations but the big cons of the bike is that the bike is made of full plastic if the bike fell down it get damage easily my bike got damaged twice and it cost me 15000 one time and 16000 on second time so before buying u should think the maintenance cost is very high the servicing of the bike will cost u almost 900rs in every servicing. but if u look performance oriented machine with gearless fun then nothing is like aprillia sr 150 go for it.

  • 2.2

    கோவை Pv motors ல் உள்ள சர்வீஸ் மேளாலர் மிகவும் மோசம்.. சரியான முறையில் எவரையும் மதிபதில்லை.. மேலும் தகாத வார்த்தை பயன்படுத்தி மன அழுத்தத்தை ஏர்படுத்துகிறார்...

  • 1.8

    I don't feel this vehicle is capable in City and also on highway because In city I got only 25kmpl and also on highway I'm getting the same mileage numbers. In Performance most of the 125cc scooters and bike competing with this scooter. Waste of money and maintenance costs are extremely high I can easily maintain a 400cc vehicle rather this 🙏

  • 3.8

    This Scooter have Nothing Mileage so if you are Buying for Mileage (About 35-45) then Don't buy it because it gives Only Mileage of Approx of 19 to 25 only but Speed is very as Compared to other Scooter or Scooty . Highest Speed is About 102 Km/hr. as I Tested On Highway. if You are Daily usage of Scooter then you Should buy this.

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The Aprilia SR150 now gets a sportier variant in the form of the SR 150 Race. But are the design and performance updates worth the extra money?

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