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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R
Rs. 16.79 Lakh
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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R User Reviews

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  • I own a Kawasaki 1000. I

    I own a kawasaki 1000.I have had this bike since 2006, It is still running amazingly and i have only done normal maintenance.

  • Ninja is a good bike it speed,mileage

    Ninja is a good bike it speed, Mileage is good this bike colour is very beautiful

  • Ninja is a good bike it speed,mileage

    Ninja is a good bike it speed, Mileage is good this bike colour is very beautiful

  • The bike offers incredible

    The bike offers incredible handling while it may heat a little but it's all worth it for the ride and at last the acceleration is just superb.

  • Rising experience

    Good but it's sound so awesome and the rising experience i feel so better in comparison to other

  • Absolutely good

    The price is absolutely good for such a beast.It was a good exprience overall.

  • Dream bike

    This is my dream bike and im soon buy this beast with own money

  • Best Super Bike In This Segment

    The ZX-10R is a high-performance sport motorcycle produced by Kawasaki, known for its power, agility, and advanced technology. When it comes to the riding experience of the ZX-10R, riders often describe it as exhilarating. Power and performance: the ZX-10R is equipped with a powerful engine, typically a 998cc inline-four, that delivers impressive acceleration and top-end power. It produces a significant amount of horsepower and torque, allowing riders to experience exhilarating straight-line speed and quick overtakes. Responsive handling: the ZX-10R features a well-engineered chassis and suspension system designed for precise and responsive handling. The motorcycle feels agile and nimble, making it capable of tackling corners with confidence. The combination of its lightweight construction and advanced suspension components contributes to its excellent maneuverability. Advanced electronics: the ZX-10R incorporates advanced electronics that enhance the overall riding experience. It typically includes multiple riding modes, traction control, quick shifter, launch control, and selectable power modes. These features provide riders with options to customize the motorcycle's performance characteristics to their preferences and varying road conditions. Braking system: the ZX-10R is equipped with a high-performance braking system, usually consisting of dual disc brakes in the front and single disc brakes in the rear. The brakes offer excellent stopping power and precise control, allowing riders to confidently bring the motorcycle to a halt when needed. Aerodynamics: the ZX-10R's design incorporates aerodynamic elements, Including a sleek fairing and windscreen, to minimize wind resistance and improve high-speed stability. This helps riders maintain control and stability even at high speeds, enhancing the overall riding experience. Comfort and ergonomics: while the ZX-10R is primarily focused on performance, Kawasaki has made efforts to provide a reasonable level of rider comfort. The seating position is sporty but not overly aggressive, allowing riders to enjoy longer rides without excessive fatigue. Best things about the ZX-10R: power and performance: the ZX-10R is renowned for its powerful engine and exceptional performance. It offers impressive acceleration, high top speed, and exhilarating straight-line performance. Handling and agility: the ZX-10R features responsive handling and excellent agility, making it a joy to ride on twisty roads and through corners. The motorcycle's chassis and suspension contribute to its precise and nimble nature. Advanced technology: the ZX-10R incorporates advanced electronics and rider aids, such as multiple riding modes, traction control, and a quick shifter. These features enhance the overall riding experience and allow riders to customize the motorcycle's performance to their preferences. Aerodynamics: the ZX-10R's aerodynamic design helps reduce wind resistance and provides stability at high speeds. This allows riders to maintain control and stability, Contributing to a more enjoyable and confident riding experience. Worst things about the ZX-10R: intimidating for inexperienced riders: the ZX-10R is a high-performance motorcycle designed for experienced riders. Its power and performance can be overwhelming for inexperienced or novice riders, potentially leading to accidents if not handled properly. Limited comfort for long rides: the ZX-10R's focus on performance means that comfort for extended periods can be compromised. The seating position is sporty and may not be as comfortable as touring-oriented motorcycles for long rides. High maintenance costs: owning and maintaining a high-performance motorcycle like the ZX-10R can come with higher costs. Regular maintenance, servicing, and premium parts can be expensive compared to more budget-friendly options. Lack of practicality: the ZX-10R is primarily designed for sport riding and may not be the most practical choice for everyday commuting or carrying passengers. It has limited storage space and lacks features typically found on touring or commuter motorcycles. Mileage:- is around 20 to 18 km per litter build quality:- the fiber of the bike is made of plastic.

  • 4.2
    Title: my thrilling journey

    Title: my thrilling journey with the kawasaki ninja zx-10r introduction:as an avid motorcycle enthusiast, I've had the pleasure of owning and riding various bikes throughout the years.However, My experience with the kawasaki ninja zx-10r has truly been a game-changer.In this ownership review, I'll share my thoughts and impressions on this beast of a machine.Design and appearance:the kawasaki ninja zx-10r is a visually stunning motorcycle that exudes power and aggression.Its sharp lines, Aerodynamic fairings, And dual led headlights give it an unmistakable presence on the road.The attention to detail is exceptional, And the overall design is a perfect blend of form and function.Performance and power:when it comes to performance, The ninja zx-10r doesn't disappoint.Powered by a potent 998cc inline-four engine, It delivers an exhilarating rush of power in every twist of the throttle.The acceleration is blistering, And the bike effortlessly reaches high speeds, Making overtaking a breeze.The handling is razor-sharp, Allowing for precise cornering and giving the rider a great sense of control.With its advanced electronics and traction control system, The ninja zx-10r instills confidence and ensures a thrilling yet safe riding experience.Comfort and ergonomics:although the ninja zx-10r is built for speed and performance, It surprisingly offers a comfortable riding position.The ergonomics strike a balance between sportiness and long-distance comfort.The seat is well-padded, And the handlebars are positioned just right, Minimizing fatigue during extended rides.However, It's worth noting that the aggressive riding posture may take some getting used to for riders accustomed to more upright motorcycles.Features and technology:kawasaki has equipped the ninja zx-10r with an array of advanced features and cutting-edge technology.The bike comes with multiple riding modes, Allowing riders to tailor the bike's behavior to their preferences and the road conditions.The instrument cluster is a full-color tft display, Providing clear and concise information at a glance.Additionally, The inclusion of traction control, Quick-shifter, And abs further enhances the overall riding experience.Maintenance and reliability:maintaining the ninja zx-10r is relatively straightforward, Thanks to kawasaki's reputation for reliability.Regular servicing and proper care are essential, As with any high-performance machine.However, The build quality and overall durability of the bike inspire confidence that it will withstand the test of time.Conclusion:in my ownership experience, The kawasaki ninja zx-10r has exceeded my expectations on every front.It's a superbly engineered machine that combines jaw-dropping performance, Striking aesthetics, And rider-friendly features.Whether you're an adrenaline j****e seeking thrills on the track or a spirited rider craving excitement on the open road, The ninja zx-10r is a motorcycle that will undoubtedly leave you with an ear-to-ear grin.

  • 4.6
    Thrilling ride

    The ninja zx-10r is a true masterpiece of engineering, Combining raw power with precision handling to deliver an exhilarating riding experience.From the moment you twist the throttle, You can feel the 998cc inline-four engine come to life, Unleashing a staggering 200 horsepower and 84 lb-ft of torque.The bike's aggressive styling hints at its performance capabilities, With sharp lines and aerodynamic fairings that not only look stunning but also enhance stability at high speeds.The chassis is equally impressive, With a lightweight aluminum frame that provides razor-sharp handling through corners and responsive feedback from the road.With top-of-the-line components like brembo brakes and showa suspension, The zx-10r inspires confidence in every twist and turn.The electronics package is equally impressive, Featuring multiple riding modes, Traction control, And abs to help you harness all that power safely.Whether you're tearing up the track or carving through mountain roads, The ninja zx-10r delivers a thrilling ride that will leave you craving more.It's a true testament to kawasaki's commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance and technology in the world of sportbikes.

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