Bajaj Bikes

India's second largest motorcycle company, Bajaj Auto has been at the helm of the performance brigade in the country with its Pulsar and Avenger range of motorcycles. Churning out non-stop upgrades and upping the bar in the premium motorcycle category, Bajaj Auto has definitely struck a chord in the hearts of million bikers in the country while at the same time bringing up the commuters up...

Bajaj Bikes in India

  • Bajaj CT 100

    Bajaj CT 100

    35,034 to 38,034
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  • Bajaj Platina 100

    Bajaj Platina 100

    39,247 to 44,507
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  • Bajaj Discover 100M

    Bajaj Discover 100M

    48,532 to 49,739
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  • Bajaj New Discover 125M

    Bajaj New Discover 125M

    51,228 to 53,415
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  • Bajaj Discover 150S

    Bajaj Discover 150S

    54,471 to 57,578
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  • Bajaj Discover 150F

    Bajaj Discover 150F

    59,852 to 59,852
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  • Bajaj Pulsar 135LS

    Bajaj Pulsar 135LS

    63,491 to 63,491
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  • Bajaj Pulsar 150

    Bajaj Pulsar 150

    70,693 to 70,693
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  • Bajaj Pulsar 180

    Bajaj Pulsar 180

    73,904 to 73,904
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  • Bajaj Pulsar AS150

    Bajaj Pulsar AS150

    79,500 to 79,500
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  • Bajaj Avenger 220

    Bajaj Avenger 220

    81,522 to 81,522
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  • Bajaj Pulsar 220F

    Bajaj Pulsar 220F

    86,620 to 86,620
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  • Bajaj Pulsar 200NS

    Bajaj Pulsar 200NS

    91,470 to 91,470
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  • Bajaj Pulsar AS200

    Bajaj Pulsar AS200

    91,550 to 91,550
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  • Bajaj Pulsar RS200

    Bajaj Pulsar RS200

    1.18 to 1.30 lakh
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Our Coverage on Bajaj in India

  • Bajaj Bike News

    Bajaj launches all new Bajaj Pulsar series starting from Rs 80,573

    Pune based automobile major, Bajaj Auto launches the latest range of Bajaj Pulsar including the Bajaj Pulsar AS series and Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 the most expensive motorcycle from Bajaj yet
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  • Bajaj Pulsar 150 NS to be launched next month

    The latest Pulsar will get the same engine as the recently launched AS 150’s. It will also sport the new perimeter frame as the AS 150 and in all likelihood will replace the ageing Pulsar 150
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  • Bajaj Bike Reviews

    Bajaj Platina ES: Review

    The new Bajaj Platina has the potential to become the company's bread-and-butter bike by making a mark in the massive entry-level commuter motorcycle market of India.
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  • Bajaj Pulsar 150AS vs Suzuki Gixxer SF vs Yamaha Fazer FI Spec Comparo

    The Baja Pulsar AS150 is the next generation 150cc motorcycle from the stables of Bajaj Auto while the Suzuki Gixxer SF the cheapest full faired motorcycle on sale in the country and the Yamaha Fazer FI which was among the first 150cc motorcycle to feature a quarter fairing and now features fuel injection. We do a spec compare between the new Bajaj Pulsar 150AS and its rivals
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