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Among the quartet of motorcycles recently unveiled by Ola, the one that truly stands out the most, is the Ola Diamondhead.

The Ola Diamondhead electric motorcycle boasts of an eye-catching dome-shaped windscreen with an LED strip running across it. That is complemented by clip-on handlebars. Adding to its intrigue is a concealed digital console, concealed beneath a retractable plastic cover that reveals itself upon activation.

Yet, the most attention-grabbing aspect is the oversized front swingarm, suggesting the application of a hub-centered steering system. While this design garners admiration in concepts, its translation into a production model remains a point of curiosity. Other unique bits on Diamondhead include a belt drive system instead of the conventional chain drives.

Ola could launch the Diamondhead in India at around Rs 3.50 lakh towards the end of 2024. Once launched, it will go up against India's only other electric supersport, the Ultraviolette F77.

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Write & win ₹ 2000
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  • GooThe Ola Sports Bike has

    The ola sports bike has garnered positive reviews for its combination of performance, Design, And eco-friendliness.Riders appreciate its sleek and futuristic aesthetic, Which sets it apart from traditional gasoline-powered motorcycles.Its electric motor delivers impressive acceleration and smooth power delivery, Offering an exhilarating riding experience.Reviewers also praise the bike's agility and handling, Making it suitable for navigating through city traffic or enjoying winding roads.The lightweight design enhances maneuverability, While the ergonomic seating position ensures comfort during long rides.One of the standout features of the ola sports bike is its eco-friendly credentials.Being electric, It produces zero emissions, Contributing to cleaner air and reducing the rider's carbon footprint.Additionally, Its low maintenance requirements and lower operating costs compared to gasoline-powered bikes make it an attractive option for environmentally-conscious riders.Furthermore, The bike's advanced technology features, Such as connectivity options and smart features, Add to its appeal, Enhancing the overall riding experience.Overall, The ola sports bike offers a compelling package for riders seeking performance, Style, And sustainability in a two-wheeled vehicle, Earning it positive reviews and recognition in the electric motorcycle market.

  • 5.0
    I like the design of the

    I like the design of the bike and also it's a ev so it's absolutely good for our nature and our surroundings i could luke to buy this bike because it has a less price and sporty look that's make him a attractive and shining look around the other bikes over all it's worthy to purchase

  • I have saw the newly launched

    I have saw the newly launched ola diamondhead electronic super sports bike the model and design is so futuristic and the specs are cool, The battery and the sports mode are quite good, We may expect the performance on road without any negativity.

  • Glossy look and i love this

    Glossy look and i love this ola diamond head, Anyone is purchasing in this ola diamond head.To fail the all sports bike rider, For ex.Bmw, Horrlly, Kawasaki, And all bike are look not compared to ola daimndo head 👍👍👍.

  • Entire design was good and

    Entire design was good and fantastic but the head design does'nt suit for it.Aerodynamics should be researched again and the design need to be changed.If it happens it would be the most selling electric bike.

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Ola Diamondhead Bike News Updates

By Irfan Kabeer 19 Jun, 2024 2259 views
Ola Electric Bikes To Be Launched In 2025
Diamondhead News

Ola Diamondhead Price

Ola Diamondhead is going to launch in India with an estimated price of Rs. 3.50 Lakh

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Ola Diamondhead FAQs

What is the expected price of Ola Diamondhead?

The price of Ola Diamondhead is expected to be Rs. 3.50 Lakh.

What is the launch date of Ola Diamondhead?

The estimated launch date of Ola Diamondhead is Nov 2024.

What are the competitors of Ola Diamondhead?

Ola Diamondhead will be competed with Ultraviolette F77, Orxa Mantis and KTM Duke 390.

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