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  • powered by engine, thrilled by rides

    My Hero Super Splendor XTEC is a well-suited option for everyday commuting, offering a balance between affordability, reliability, and a few modern upgrades. It's known for its fuel efficiency and comfortable riding experience. The XTEC offers a smooth and comfortable ride with good handling for riding through traffic. The XTEC offers a relaxed and upright riding position with a well-cushioned seat which is loved by my mother as it feels like a sofa chair to her . But it is not that much powerful

  • A Mixed Bag of Features

    The Hero Super Splendor XTEC, which I purchased six months ago, is pitched as a more feature rich variant of the Super Splendor. The digital cluster with Bluetooth connectivity and call alert feature is a significant upgrade for anyone looking to mix practical commuting with a touch of technology. However, despite these additions, the bike still houses the same 124.7 cc engine, which though reliable feels a bit outdated compared to competitors.The ride feedback is mixed. While I enjoy the smooth handling and the gear transitions, the bike's suspension setup is affecting its stability on rough terrains.

  • powered by engine, thrilled by rides

    The Hero Super Splendor XTEC is a feature-rich variant of the popular Hero Super Splendor bike . It generally has a 124.7cc engine which does not provides that much power which expected from it . From past 1 year i am noticing that its mileage is of around 55 kmpl. It lacks additional safety features like airbags or traction control found in bigger bikes . I love it but its safety features are very basic and does not contains some features like$

  • Butter smooth performance

    The ride of Hero Super Splendor XTEC is stress free also on the bad roads and the braking of this bike is also good. The engine of this bike is very smooth and refined and the look of this bike is very nice and it comes with the modern features now and is enjoyable to ride. This efficient bike is really butter smooth with the very comfortable driving experience and is a great for daily commuters and the mileage i got around 60 kmpl but gives vibration at high speed.

  • smooth ride even on rough patches

    I have been commuting on my Hero Super Splendor XTEC for over six months now. One thing that stood out immediately after my purchase was its feature- ich composition, especially considering its price point. With a digital instrument cluster featuring Bluetooth connectivity and call alerts, it feels quite modern for a 125cc bike. Riding this bike in city traffic is a breeze thanks to its i3S technology for fuel saving start stop and a powerful 10.73 bhp engine, which provides a smooth ride even on rough patches.

  • Special bike

    This bike is very special bike i love this bime my fevrate bike

  • 3.0
    मेरी बाइक चलने में

    मेरी बाइक चलने में तो बहुत बढ़िया है लेकिन माइलेज 55km पर लीटर मिल रहा है। और अभी डिजिटल मीटर में ब्लूटूथ, बेटरी, मेसेज ओर मिस कॉल के साइन नहीं दिख रहे हैं मोबाइल कनेक्ट करने के बाद। जब कोई कॉल आता है तो वो दिख रहा है लेकिन बाकी साइन नहीं दिख रहे हैं। सर्विस सेंटर पर भी दिखा लिया लेकिन उन्हें भी कुछ समझ मे नही आ रहा है। इस समस्या का कोई हल है क्या?

  • I own this bike

    I own this bike, bought it on 13th March, and have driven nearly 4k kilometers in two months. I ride around 70-80 kilometers daily without any issues or back pain; the bike is very comfortable. The mileage is as follows: Single person: 63 to 66 km per liter Two persons: 55 to 60 km per liter The switch quality is average; I had to change it in 1.5 months, but even after replacing it, the engine's refinement is not satisfactory. You feel its refinement only after 12,500 kilometers. Until 2,500 kilometers, the bike's gears were jerking or not changing easily; I had to push a little bit to shift to 2nd gear. However, after 2,500 kilometers, the issue was resolved, and now it's working really well . The light is above average, but during highway rides, it feels a little bit hard when some big vehicles come towards you. The sales services may vary depending on the area, but in my area, the support has been very good. The first service cost me 425 rupees (350 for oil, 75 for the oil filter) at 500 kilometers, and the second service also cost 425 rupees at 3,000 kilometers.

  • Super Splendor XTEC: Commuter's Powerhouse

    There was the Hero Super Splendor XTEC,the powerhouse for commuter people which offered a very strong design and perfect performance under the banner of that category. The heavy built, comfortable ergonomics and the fuel-efficient engine of this Super Splendor XTEC makes it symbolize Hero’s approach in steady urban comfort. XSens technology guarantees precise fueling for peak efficiency and performance, a trusted choice for everyday trips. Hero, the Super Splendor XTEC is a commuter motorcycle designed thoughtfully and equipped with features like a roomy seat and tubeless tires to help in navigating through city traffic easily as well powerful rides. Riding the Super Splendor XTEC isn’t just about getting somewhere; it is an affirmation of its city dwelling commuter in a frenzied metropolitan setting.

  • Advanced Technology

    " The Hero Super Splendor XTEC is perfect instance of classic motorcycle equipped with the engine-push of modern hi-tech. XTEC are used and improved now. It reduces gas consumption and improves the car’s performance. You will get a stable and smooth ride. It is a choice between the commute to work or a new leisure thrill and the Super Splendor XTEC offers just the best experience of riding. With its ergonomic design and practical features, this chopper might be the right option for those who want bike brand that stands out from the crowd because of its ingenuity and dependability in motorcycle production. Climax your street adventure with the Hero Super Splendor XTEC and you will never miss with the abundant technology features that lurking in each trip."

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