Honda Plans To Install Radars On Helmets!

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  • Apr 29, 2019
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In a move to reduce motorcycle accidents, Honda came up with this innovative technology

  • The camera will be installed at the rear of the helmet.
  • Sensors will monitor the rider's movement to prevent collisions.
  • We don’t expect this technology to come to production anytime soon, though.

Safety systems on motorcycles are increasing day by day. Ducati has its D-air airbag integration system and will roll out bikes with radars by 2020. Other prominent bikemakers such as Kawasaki and Suzuki are thinking about fitting their motorcycles with radars. The latest to join this bandwagon is Honda, who has a very different take on this technology.

Rather than fitting sensors and cameras on the motorcycle, Honda is planning to attach the system on the rear side of the helmet. The system will be connected via the internet to the motorcycle and will display warnings on the dash to avoid an accident.

This technology is still at a very nascent stage and the Japanese company will face a tough challenge to make it viable for mass-market use. The biggest issue here is weight. Adding a bunch of sensors that will monitor the rider’s movements and a camera will make the helmet a lot heavier.

For the system to process all the information and to figure out if a collision will happen or not, it needs a processing unit as well. And as per these patent images, Honda hasn’t shown where the processing unit will be situated.

As mentioned earlier, this technology is still at development stage, so we’d rather not speculate on when this radar-based helmet will arrive in the market. However, we’ll keep a watchful eye and update you once there is a development.

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