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The Ameron Motorworld Hotel In Munich Is The Dream Hotel Of Every Petrolhead

The hotel is integrated within the Motorworld in Munich, offering an unmatched stay experience

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Ameron is a chain of four-star hotels located in multiple locations throughout Germany and Switzerland. But unlike a traditional chain of hotels, Ameron hotels’ every touchpoint  offers a unique experience, and the most unique of the lot is located in the north of Munich in southern Germany.

Room with a view

Who doesn’t like a hotel room with a nice view? Maybe a balcony that opens up to a mountain range or a view of a lake or something else. We leave that to your creativity. But the Ameron hotel in the north of Munich is in a ball game of its own when it comes to rooms with a view.

Say you’re doing a cross-country trip in a vehicle that you hold close to your heart and just can’t get enough of it. Your route passes through Munich, and your stay for the night is in this particular hotel. Well, you’ll have the luxury to wake up to a view unlike any other i.e your beloved car!

Yes, the Ameron has rooms with connected see-through garages that allow you to fall asleep while ogling at your vehicle. And after a good night’s sleep, the first thing that you’re bound to lay your eyes on is the vehicle resting in the parking space. Is this what heaven looks like?

On the off-chance that you get bored doing that, well, you’re in luck because waiting for you just outside your door is a whole automotive world in itself called Motorworld.

More than just a hotel

You can consider Motorworld as a one-stop solution for all your automotive itches. It acts as a touchpoint for like-minded enthusiasts to come together and experience not only the highly exclusive machines on display but also immerse themselves in various events and activities that might be taking place at a time. 

One of the highlights of the Ameron Motorworld Hotel is its exclusive car lounge, where guests can enjoy a drink or a meal while admiring a selection of classic and luxury cars. The lounge also features a small library with books and magazines about cars and racing, making it a great place to relax and learn more about the automotive world.

There are even various shops and eating joints to keep the people, who don’t necessarily have an inclination towards automobiles -- entertained and fed. Yeah, sure, the car studio experience might set you back around Rs 20,000, which might sound a bit steep for a single night, but this unique atmosphere is unmatched and is nothing short of a one-of-a-kind experience for anyone who loves cars.

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Now, all we need is a ticket to Germany and keys to a decent enough motor for us to have a good time. 

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