Rynox Optimus M Tank Bag: Review

After all these years of scouting for affordable good motorcycle luggage solutions, finally we have some talented youngsters within the country who have stood up to the occasion and actually delivered more than what we asked for. We review the Rynox Optimus tank bag



Rynox Optimus M Tank Bag Review





Recently one of Rynox Gear’s latest tank bag cum tail pack unit landed in the ZigWheels headquarters and on initial glance, it looked like any other tank bag that we have used before. But little more exploration and it soon came to light that the OPTIMUS tank-bag is quite an innovative and neatly executed solution for the avid motorcycle traveller. To begin with, the built of the product is simply exemplary with regards to the overall fit and finish. Made out of good quality 1680D polyster material with PVC coating suited to withstand rugged use, the stitching too is strong and sturdy. Robust and well packaged, the Optimus tank bag gets heavy duty waterproof zippers, a large map-pocket, and 3M reflective material on the outside. There is also a large rain cover that makes sure the stuff inside the bag remains dry. Related: Rynox Gear launches range of touring accessories and gloves



Rynox Optimus M S Tank Bag




Providing about 21-litres of storage space in normal form, the bag gets extension facility which hikes the storage capacity to 29-litres that can easily fit in a full-face helmet while leaving extra space to hold gloves, shades, water bottle, etc. With its narrow design, the bag has a tall-ish architecture which helps in giving it a compact form to not discomfort the biker during riding a motorcycle while allowing the bag to give enough space for storage. There are three side pockets to pack small items like shades, energy bars, chargers, etc, which come in very handy.





Rynox Optimus M s Tail Bag Review




There is more to the Optimus tank bag than what meets the eye though. With a lot of new motorcycles getting fibre fuel tanks, conventional magnetic tank bags have become ineffective on such motorcycles. Rynox Gears has addressed this need and offered the Optimus tank bag with an option for suction cup heat resistant mounting panel underneath. Equipped with four suction cup mounts, the tank bag resides safely and securely onto the tank, provided the tank surface is clean and without any stickers/decals on it. The mounting flaps for the Optimus are detachable with zippers, so if one orders both the magnetic and suction mount flaps, he or she can use either of the options depending upon the tank material. The magnetic mounting panels houses five high quality magnets which hold the bag securely in place even over bad roads.




Rynox Optimus s m Tank Bag Review




Another bit of innovation comes in the form that there are straps provided by the makers which hook up to the loops on the bag which swiftly transform the Optimus tank bag into a tail pack that can be easily locked under the rear seat of the motorcycle or looped into the cargo hooks available on some motorcycles - a big plus for riders like me who are not too keen on the use of tank bags unless left without choice. And to top it all, the Optimus can be an everyday back-pack too if you are the one who travels with a back-pack on a motorcycle often. Once the mounting flap has been unzipped, there are two adjustable back-pack straps hidden underneath which attach to the tail pack hooks thus transforming the Optimus into a back pack for regular use.



Rynox Optimus M S Tail pack Review




Loaded with features and offering excellent practicality for the average Indian motorcycle tourer, the Rynox Optimus tank cum tail pack is certainly one of the finest pieces of motorcycle luggage solutions in the local market. And icing on the cake is the price, which might seem a bit steep when compared to most locally-made tank bags sold in the country today, but then the Optimus-M/S does offer a lot of features and quality for the price asked. The M (magnetic) variant of the Optimus will lighten your wallet by Rs. 3,149 while the S (suction cup) unit will set you back by Rs. 2,999. Those interested in purchasing additional mounting bases, the individual magnetic base will cost Rs. 350 while the suction cup base will cost Rs. 200.


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