Can-Am’s Origin And Pulse Will Pave The Way For The Trike Manufacturer’s Future

These electric bikes will target the new generation of riders and electric vehicle enthusiasts

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), which manufactures Can-Am trikes, took its first step into the electric revolution. The Canadian company unveiled its first two new electric motorcycles, the Origin and Pulse, which will target a new generation of riders and EV enthusiasts. The two new products will be available overseas by mid-2024.

The Can-Am Origin pays homage to Can-Am's Track n' Trail heritage. The Can-Am Origin is a homage to Can-Am’s Track n’ Trail heritage. This dual-purpose model is designed to offer an exhilarating experience both on and off-road. In typical ADV fashion, the Origin features large 21-inch front and 17-inch rear spoked wheels wrapped in dual-purpose tyres. You have plenty of suspension travel at both ends and more than enough ground clearance to clear obstacles. Surprisingly, the swingarm is a single-sided unit -- a feature mostly seen on much larger, more expensive bikes.

The Can-Am Pulse, on the other hand, is designed to be a roadster meant to tame the urban jungle. It's sleek and more compact than its dual-purpose sibling. Differences range from smaller 17-inch wheels with road-biased rubber and sportier ergos to a lower centre of gravity.

Both models feature a unique LED headlight, what we presume is a full-digital instrument console, and of course, a clutchless powertrain. Can-am believes consumers will also appreciate the near-silent and vibration-free experience along with the smooth and precise power delivery even in tight, low-speed situations.

The two models have unique designs, ergonomics, and capabilities to satisfy different needs, but they both deliver highway-worthy speeds with plenty of horsepower and torque thanks to the all-new Rotax E-Power technology.

José Boisjoli, president and CEO, BRP, said, “Today, our story of innovation reaches new heights with the reveal of market-shaping electric products that will enhance the customer's experience on the road…“Half a century ago, Can-Am roared to victory on the track and the trail, and today, a new legacy begins. With the Can-Am Origin and Can-Am Pulse, the first two models of our electric two-wheel family, we are gearing up to reclaim our motorcycle heritage by crafting thrilling riding experiences for a whole new generation.”

We’ll have more details on the full specs of the two bikes in August 2023, which also happens to be Can-Am’s 50th anniversary. So until then, stay tuned to ZigWheels.

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