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Citroen eC3
Citroen eC3
Rs. 11.61 Lakh
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  • Q. What are the available features in Citroen eC3?
    Dillip | 4 days ago

    The features available on Citroen eC3 are 29.2 kWh Battery which give a range of 320 km per charge, D.C. charging time of 57 mins, 10.23 Inch infotaiment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. The safety features included are ABS system, 2 Airbags, child safety lock, rear camera and much more.

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  • Q. What is the boot space of Citroen eC3?
    Dillip | 1 month ago

    The Citroen eC3 has Boot space of 315 litres.

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  • Q. What is the battery capacity of the Citreon eC3?
    Dillip | 1 year ago

    The battery capacity of the Citreon eC3 is 29.2 kWh.

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    Citroen eC3 User Reviews

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    • huge space

      Citroen eC3 get a massive battery pack and this electric hatchback is best for the city and the claimed range of this electric hatchback is 320 km but the real world range is around 220 to 240 km which is very low. The steering response is very impessive and the interior space of this hatchback is very high but the features are less in this hatchback. With the amazing interior space the design look also nice but the cabin is noisy and the safety features are not there.

    • Electric Mobility Redefined, Eco-Friendly Urban Cr

      With its environmentally friendly looks and capacity for city floating, the Citroen eC3 redefines electric transportation. I love my car because it sets new marks for electric megacity driving with its futuristic features and environmental best experience. For covering congested city Streets, the eC3 provides a responsive and operative ride thanks to its fragile size and move easily running. With its flawless acceleration and move easily running, Citroen has played to produce a supercar that not only lowers when i go tours but also improves the driving experience. My stylish car is the eC3, which combines fashionable looks with environmentally responsible technologies.

    • Comfortable ride and nice cabin

      It comes with many colour options and get many customization option and is a stylish hatchback but the instrument cluster is outdated. The seating space is good but the seating positon is not comfortable for the long rides. The boot space is very practical and the power delivery is very good and i get 250 km of driving range. It gives comfortable ride and decent cabin but the features are missing in this electric hatchback. The interior is very good and is a cost effective electric hatchback that stand out in the crowd.

    • best car at all

      My friend gifted this car to his father and they all are satisfied with this model The eC3 is zippy in the city thanks to instant electric torque. It's not a high speed car on the highway, but that's not what this car is built for. The experience is quiet and smooth. The electric motor offers decent power for city driving, Charging can take up to 10.5 hours on a regular charger. The eC3's price is high compared to some competitors. Pickup is good of this model. Overall it is a good model

    • Comfortable and stylish hatchback

      My Citroen eC3 is more than just a car; it's my eco-friendly partner on every journey. From daily commutes to weekend escapes, it delivers smooth and efficient performance. Citroen is known for comfort, and the eC3 delivers with spacious seats and a smooth ride, thanks to its suspension . I take great pride in owning this electric gem, ensuring it's always charged and ready to go. Itcharges from 10-80% in about 57 minutes with a DC fast charger

    • best commute for exploring cities

      Citroen eC3 presents the new vision of electric urban mobility. Compact and ultra-respectful with our planet, the Citroën eC3 boasts efficient electric motor, ergonomic and exclusive design. Experience a silent and pollution-free drive with new-generation all-electric powertrain, which fits perfectly any congested urban life. With its compact dimensions, it also facilitates city use with ease, especially in narrow streets in cities where parking spaces are scarce. Furthermore, its exterior design promises an exciting and eye-catching appearance that will turn heads towards your car wherever you go. With the growing global call for environmental protection, increasing travelling costs, and looming road-related and traffic concerns, Citroen eC3 launches a brand-new vision of urban mobility promising sustainability without sacrificing agility and comfort, especially in cities. Whatever concerns somebody may have regarding electric cars, Citroen eC3 addresses them all. First, its eco-motor makes it eco-friendly and pollution-free, easing those concerned about wrecking our planet's environment. Its straight-forward and compact design would also decrease others' concerns about how inefficient or bulky these cars are. Regarding its use in long journeys, it seems reasonable that one must devote a bit of time in planning and scheduling their stops for recharging, as the range of the car undoubtedly limits its daily use. As for those who are tall and find the eating seat uncomfortable in such cars, it seems like they also can have their concerns addressed without sacrificing their comfort. The interior design of this car appears well-cared for and fine-looking.

    • Citroen eC3: Electric Drive with a French Twist

      I experienced the electric journey with the Citroen eC3 which has been an enlightening experience. Designed with the quirks and charm that Citroen is known for the eC3 brings a fresh perspective to the electric vehicle segment in India. Its compact design and vibrant colors make it a head turner while the interiors provide a minimalistic yet comfortable environment for city commutes and short drives. The electric motor offers smooth acceleration and is surprisingly great for urban settings.The range is sufficient for daily commutes and with the increasing accessibility of charging stations this will become a great option.

    • extra power by citroen

      Having driven the Citroen eC3 in Bangalore and Mysore, I appreciated its compact design and eco-friendly electric engine. The car offers decent mileage, averaging 250 km on a full charge, suitable for city commutes. However, its performance felt underwhelming, lacking in acceleration and speed. The interior is comfortable for a family of four, but the absence of a sunroof and limited sports mode options may disappoint some buyers. Safety features like airbags and all-wheel drive enhance confidence on the road. Overall, a practical choice for urban driving with a focus on sustainability.

    • Eco-Friendly Commuting Exploring the Citroen eC3

      Take advantage of Advanced environmentally conscious exchanging openings with the Citroen eC3, an electriccar that's revolutionizing road sustainability. With zero emigrations and a host of Modern features, the eC3 provides an pleasurable and environmentally responsible driving experience without causing guilt. This electriccar impresses with its nippy and smooth Performance, whether i am speeding down the trace and through city business. Plus, the eC3 shows that getting verdant does not have to mean losing comfort and Looks thanks to its sharp Design and Modern technology.

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