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Rs. 9.99 Lakh
Discontinued Model since 7 May 2020

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Priced in the range of Rs 9.99-14.46 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), the Nissan Terrano is a capable SUV powered by 1.6-liter petrol engine (104PS/148Nm) and 1.5-liter diesel motor (85PS/200Nm and 110PS/245Nm). The transmission choices available are the 5-speed and 6- speed manual, and 6-speed automatic. On the outside, the Nissan Terrano is characterized by the V-shaped bonnet and grill flanked by dynamic headlamps, silver roof rails, flared wheel arches, and healthy ground clearance of 205 mm. Inside the cabin, the top specification XV premium Auto variant offers leather seat upholstery, 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with navigation and Bluetooth, cruise control, dual front airbags, Anti-Lock Braking System, electronic brake force distribution with brake assist, impact sensing auto door unlock, speed sensing auto door lock, and front and rear power windows with driver side auto up / down and anti-pinch feature. Nissan Terrano is currently competing against the Renault Duster and Hyundai Creta.

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July 6, 2017: WithGST kicking in, prices of the Nissan Terrano have been revised.

Mumbai: The starting price for the compact-SUV now starts at Rs 9.84 lakh, as opposed to Rs 9.99 lakh. That's a difference of Rs 15,000.

Delhi: The starting price for the compact-SUVnow starts at Rs 9.84 lakh, as opposed to Rs 9.99 lakh. That's a difference of Rs 4,000.

The top-spec variant costs Rs 17,000 less in Delhi, and Rs 92,000 less in Mumbai, priced at Rs 14.03 lakh.

Do note that prices for insurance are marginally higher, as they are taxed at 18 per cent instead of the earlier 15 per cent.

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Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Terrano

Q. Is there any V6 variant of Nissan Terrano other than the 1991 models?
  • Currently, the Nissan Terrano is not available for sale in India. However, you may check out the used car options: Used Nissan Terrano Cars.
Q. What is the price of right side mirror of nissan terrano?
  • The exact information regarding the cost of the spare parts of the car can be only availed at the nearest authorized service center. We would suggest you visit the nearest authorized service center for further assistance.
Q. How many air bags are there in Nissan Terrano petrol highend?
  • I have a diesel model but it has two airbags
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Q. What are the Advantage over other SUV like Nissan terrano - Scorpio?
  • Terrano as good suspension, it wont unsettle you on bad roads. The scorpio has a larger engine with more torque and power. And it can seat 6-7 people quite comfortably.
  • Has extra seats, rugged body
  • Terrano is 1500cc engine Scorpio is 2200 cc
Q. Which is best BRV or Terrano?
  • After owning brv for almost 2 years and driving Terrano for a while a year back I can tell you Terrano rides beautifully but the biggest draw backs are really underpowered engine struggles a lot on Highspeed acceleration poor plastic quality and interior quality and got 0 starts in safety ratings,, but when we compare brv to Terrano brv diesel is good not bad but it also struggles with low power but brv petrol is the best the steering feel on the car is superb handling is spot on for a car that big and long there is a little bodyroll compared to Terrano which has no bodyroll, but in brv that body roll is pretty well contained and interior quality is far better than Terrano got 4 stars in safety ratings and is lot more practical than Terrano and that 1.5 vtec engine is just phenomenal ask any one who drives 1.5 litre vtec and they give you positive feedback 0-100 of brv petrol is 10.18 seconds and 0-100 of diesel brv is 13.6 seconds and 0-100 of Terrano diesel is 14 seconds and compared to Terrano brv has lot more features
  • There is no comparison between BRV and Terrano. Firstly, BRV is a seven-seater C-SUV with heart and mind of a sedan, whereas Terrano is a five-seater C-SUV. Secondly, BRV scores high on its versatility and convenience with space while Terrano goes better with its strong looks. As a buyer, you have to identify your need - a 5-seat or a 7-seat vehicle? If 7-seater, then BRV, at its price point, is one of the best, rather the best choice available in the market today.
  • Dear Sanjeev, Please avoid the Nissan Terrano. It's an outdated product. Since you don't need seven seats, even BRV does not seem like a right fit. You can look at fully loaded variants of the Ford EcoSport instead. That should suit your requirement well. Please let me know if you've got any more questions.
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Q. What is the service cost of Nisssn Terrano at 80000 kms
  • My terrano has to change Turbocahrger 50000/- rs plus clutch two times approx 30000/- plus brakes and discs 20000/- plus shockers plus radiator fan costing 18000/- rs
  • 15-17K Depending upon how have you handled your vehicle so far
  • Rs 10500 charged for normal service @ malappuram center
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Terrano User Reviews

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  • 4.7

    good car.low cost to maintain. Awesome look

  • 3.3

    poor light and entertainment systems

  • 4.7

    Undoubtedly one if the best SUV, this is my review after 1 lac km. Nissan is not that successful in indian market but Terrano performance is rock solid

  • 5.0

    Ossam I love my car very much it very comfortable I like to drive on highway the road gripe is very good,

  • 3.3

    Its a high maintenance & service cost car with good mileage if you have a diesel version & commute 50km+ in a day. Good Space , High Power , Low on Key features but compensate on safety satndards. Good for long drives on tough roads.

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  • 4.7

    Comfortable to travel with family. You can't race. Gets you average mileage of min 15 kmpl if you drive at 80 kmph.Stable, well balanced. In about 4 years with 45 k - Total cost on service incurred around Rs.50000/-. Some of the flaws in the lining could not be repaired by the service centre.Rear view mirror rattling and sliding down (esp if it is camera mirror) is perennial from day oe and cannot be fixed by the service centre.Difficult to drive in Highway when there is trace of water on the roads during rain. Water splashes on the wind shield and chokes your visibility.Head lights - not bright. - diffculty in driving during night in small roads

  • 3.7

    7th year with this car. Pros- look, comfort, good performance.Power & performance will be almost near same as initial.Cons- Mileage has drastically decreased from 19 to 12.5 with 1,70,000/- KMS.Mentainance cost is too high. Poor resale value.Up gradation for the new cars is not satisfied in attracting new customers.

  • 3.3

    Its a high maintenance & service cost car with good mileage if you have a diesel version & commute 50km+ in a day. Good Space , High Power , Low on Key features but compensate on safety satndards. Good for long drives on tough roads.

  • 3.7

    I like the car in outside view when it comes to the interior also it's dam good made with good strong plastics even the performance wise also is really good ... When it comes to the maintenance cost it does cost you a lot

  • 4.0

    Having nissan Terrano was a very good choice for me too buy it is very comfortable and the safety is very good and it never gives us problem like stopping in the middle in the road

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Nissan Terrano Expert Reviews

The final review of the Nissan Terrano XV 110PS diesel, after over 6 months of long term use.

August 27, 2015  By Sarmad Kadiri, Photography: Kapil Angane

The Hyundai Creta will be launched tomorrow. Get the detailed review comparison for new hyundai creta. Hyundai Creta will take on the Nissan Terrano and the Ford EcoSport among other compact SUVs. We bring you a spec comparison of the three.

July 21, 2015  By Team ZigWheels

Having clocked 8,000km in the Nissan Terrano we've started to admire the 110PS 1.5-litre diesel engine and the compact-SUV's driving dynamics. But with the Hyundai Creta and Maruti Suzuki S-Cross coming in to the picture, the cabin and features list need a quick overhauling.

July 7, 2015  By Team ZigWheels