• Q. I have read so many complaints about tbd500,like efi problems,sudden break downs etc.Is there any problem with tbd500.Is it so unreliable bike?dealers are also saying old tbd is not coming if u are booking one you will only get an old piece is it true - Thunderbird 500?

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    Rashmin | 9 months ago

    Theres LOTS of prblms with TB500. Every few months something or other has to be replaced. In 3 yrs I have replaced at 1/3rd of the original parts...some just wear out, others break down. Chain sprocket- 2 times, Fuel guage-2 times and still doesnt show correct fuel levels, ignition assembly 1 time, headlight toggle and indicators assembly-1 time, complete wiring- 1 time, battery current relay-1 time, speedometer assembly support bracket- 3 times, ...the list goes on...and I havent done 50,000 kms in 3 years !!!....DONT BUY TB500 and if you already have then SELL IT OFF !!!

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    Krish | 10 months ago

    Yup u would have to buy 500x Not a sudden break at all,it requires regular maintainance over period of time, the chain sprocket creats a lot of noise every 3 months so a chain spray is a must. Thats it. The bike is a great experince to drive and at highways jst wave the car drivers u r passing by at 3 digit speed

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