• Q. What is the Honda CB Unicorn 150 ABS BS6 launch date?

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    ANIKET | 4 months ago

    @ Shrikant | They launch garbage at India and good product to world rest of India think that Indian are silly cost higher for garbage

    Honda doesn’t seem concerned with the launches in India, for Honda India is a dumping ground where they dump basic models and mint money. Its the fault of Indian customers that they devalue themselves by purchasing outdated technology products from Honda. As long as there are Indians who are buying such outdated tech from Honda the Honda company will continue to sell and make money and use the money from India to make better products for other countries in Asia etc. Honda Is launching latest vehicles in other countries like Thailand, Philippines, China and other Asian countries. For them India is an easy market where they can sell their outdated technology products and yet make money because we Indians are so easy to convince.

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    For | 3 months ago

    @ Crazygamer | Thats a bit of am outrageous statement if honda releases their bikes say The Cbr 250rr in India the cost will go up to at least 4 lakhs and then people wont but it because of the price because of that their sales wont be as responsive so they have a seperate market for india theres a honda cbr500r also releasing in india and they have plans with their bs6 engines mostly towards april so we will have to wait on honda for that now.

    The split of hero Honda is based on uneven technology sharing.Honda's market in India is based on the stereotype that Japanese makers have advanced engineering,technology etc.which may partially true but manufacturing that in India would not cost much.in the past few years all commuter models from Honda had only analog meter that to a basic one, they were not ready to add any features unless or until it is absolutely necessary. brand name decides their price making 'Honda' a high end manufacturer with low end tatics(decent engine+aged old body design,paint job,speedo,headlamp)..encourage native manufacturers..

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