Mercedes-Benz S-Class On Road Price in Delhi

The on road price of Mercedes-Benz S-Class in Delhi starts at Rs. 2.00 Crore which includes RTO charges (Rs. 23.08 Lakh) , Insurance cost(Rs. 6.87 Lakh) and ex-showroom price(Rs. 1.71 Crore). On the other hand S-Class top model on road price in Delhi goes up to Rs. 2.54 Crore while it's ex-showroom price is Rs. 2.17 Crore. Additionally, the S-Class Automatic price starts at Rs. 1.71 Crore. S-Class EMI evaluates to Rs. 3,26,992 per month @ 10% for S-Class base model. Visit your nearest Mercedes-Benz showrooms in Delhi for best offers.
If you want to explore more cars in same price range then BMW i7(Rs. 2.03 Crore) & Mercedes-Benz GLS(Rs. 2.03 Crore) should also be in your research list.

Cost of S-Class Models

S-Class Variants On Road Price Specification
S-Class S 350d Rs. 2.00 Crore 2925 cc, Diesel, Automatic
S-Class S450 4Matic Rs. 2.11 Crore 2999 cc, Petrol, Automatic
S-Class S400d 4Matic Rs. 2.54 Crore 2925 cc, Diesel, Automatic

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Rs. 2.00 - 2.54 Crore (On Road Price in Delhi)
4.7 26 reviews
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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Price in Delhi

  • Diesel (2)

  • Petrol (1)

S-Class S 350d(Diesel) Rs. 2.00 Crore
  • Ex-Showroom Price Rs. 1,71,00,000
  • RTO + Others Rs. 23,08,500
  • Insurance Rs. 6,87,548
  • S-Class S 350d On Road Price Rs. 2,00,96,048
  • Download Brochure   EMI Rs. 326,992
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S-Class S450 4Matic(Petrol) Rs. 2.11 Crore
  • Ex-Showroom Price Rs. 1,84,00,000
  • RTO + Others Rs. 20,24,000
  • Insurance Rs. 7,37,679
  • S-Class S450 4Matic On Road Price Rs. 2,11,61,679
  • Download Brochure   EMI Rs. 351,851
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S-Class S400d 4Matic(Diesel) Rs. 2.54 Crore
  • Ex-Showroom Price Rs. 2,17,00,000
  • RTO + Others Rs. 29,29,500
  • Insurance Rs. 8,64,935
  • S-Class S400d 4Matic On Road Price Rs. 2,54,94,435
  • Download Brochure   EMI Rs. 414,955
  • Engine (2925 cc)
  • Max Power (325.86bhp@3600-4200bhprpm)
  • Max Torque (700Nm@1200-3200rpm)
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Mercedes-Benz Showrooms in Delhi

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  • Global Star
    • Green Park, A-3, New Delhi, Delhi 110016
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  • T & T Motors
    • Ga-2, block B-1, Mathura Road, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Near Excel Motors, New Delhi, Delhi 110044
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  • Silver Arrow Automobiles
    • 50 – B, The Ashok Hotel, Chanakyapuri, Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110021
Mercedes-Benz S-Class

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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Brochure
Mercedes-Benz S-Class Brochure
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Mercedes-Benz S-Class EMI Calculations

S-Class Down Payment50,38,490
S-Class Loan Amount1,53,90,000
Interest Rate10 %
Tenure60 months
S-Class Loan EMI3,26,992

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Mercedes-Benz S-Class User Reviews

Based on 18 rating & 26 reviews
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  • Experience (2)
  • Exterior (1)
  • Transmission (1)
  • Safety (1)
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  • The Gold Standard of Luxury Sedans

    The Mercedes S Class has long been considered the gold standard between luxury sedans.The S Class offers great comfort and the latest technology and effortless performance. Passengers ride in the quietest and one of the best cabin available thanks to the massage seats, rear entertainment system and presence of wood and leather trim. The S Class has powerful engines provide quick acceleration and a smooth ride. Advanced driver assistance and safety features set the benchmark for other Sedans. For those seeking the ultimate in rear seat luxury and comfort The Mercedes S Class remains unmatched.

  • Feature rich hybrid car

    Mercedes once again as we all know is a luxurious car brand providing us with several amazing wonderful cars! Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a 5 seater Sedan and also one of my favourite that is available in a price range of Rs. 1.71 - 2.17 Cr. Some amazing key specifications of this car that I felt are the best are that the S-Class include a kerb weight of 2100 and High boot space . Also this car is available in 5 different colour variant is very comfortable and provides an amazing experience.

  • The Epitome of Automotive Excellence

    The argument why I like this model is because of. This model's vacuity is commodity I value. With unmatched fineness, the Mercedes- Benz S- Class raises the bar for driving interpretation. With the remarkable capabilities of this model, you may elate your driving. An atmosphere of complication and comfort is created by its luxurious car and sumptuous innards. A actually excellent driving experience is assured by the S- Class's country- of- the- art technology and meliorated interpretation.This car is a true classic, with it is timeless design and impressive fuel efficiency.

  • A sumptuous Marvel of Automotive Engineering

    The Mercedes Benz S-Class stands as an unexampled illustration of automotive distinction in the demesne of luxury cruisers. It seamlessly harmonizes substance and slice- bite technology to extend an phenomenal driving experience. Its devilish innards is adorned with the finest accoutrements and artificer, icing an boxing comfort for all inhabitants. The S- Class redefines technology norms, incorporating a wide batch of improved features similar as the MBUX infotainment system and country- of- the- art independent driving capabilities. Its powertrains, whether the eco-friendly mongrel or potent V8, deliver an exhilarating interpretation.

  • luxury and performance

    Mercedes-Benz S-Class: Cruising through the vibrant streets of Delhi in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been a luxurious journey. The iconic design turned heads near India Gate, and the opulent interiors added a touch of grandeur during drives to Connaught Place. The smooth ride on the Delhi-Noida Expressway was impressive, and the advanced features kept me comfortable during the drive to Humayun's Tomb. Whether it's embracing the city's historical charm or indulging in refined living, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class offers the pinnacle of luxury and performance for those captivated by Delhi's vibrant energy.

  • Elegantfrom every Angle

    The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a remarkable vehicle that embodies sheer luxury and sophistication. It showcases an exquisite design coupled with formidable performance, radiating elegance from every angle. The interior indulges occupants in a realm of opulence, boasting lavish seating, state-of-the-art technology, and impeccable craftsmanship. The driving experience is seamless, aided by advanced safety features that prioritize passenger well-being. With an array of potent engine choices, the S-Class effortlessly combines power and efficiency. Undoubtedly, this flagship sedan establishes a new standard for upscale automobiles, ensuring each journey is an unrivaled expression of magnificence and prestige.

  • that performs really well.

    Mеrcеdеs Bеnz S-Class is a luxury sеdan that offеrs first class comfort, innovativе safеty and еxprеssivе dеsign. It has a spacious intеrior with еlеgant matеrials, high rеsolution scrееns and ambiеnt lighting. It also has a sеcond-gеn MBUX systеm, rеar axlе stееring and front airbag for thе rеar sеat passеngеrs. Thе S-Class is powеrеd by 3.0-litrе, six-cylindеr pеtrol and diеsеl еnginеs with a ninе-spееd automatic transmission. Thе pеtrol еnginе has 48V mild-hybrid tеch and an all-whееl drivеtrain, whilе thе diеsеl еnginе has a rеar-whееl drivеtrain. Overall, S-Class is a lovely and eye catchy car that performs really well.

  • sееking a luxurious and capablе SUV

    Mеrcеdеs Bеnz GLS is an еxcеptional luxury SUV that dеlivеrs both stylе and pеrformancе. With its slееk dеsign and spacious intеrior, it offеrs a comfortablе and rеfinеd driving еxpеriеncе. Thе GLS boasts a powеrful еnginе and advancеd tеchnology fеaturеs, providing a smooth and rеsponsivе ridе. Thе cabin is wеll built with high quality matеrials and usеr friеndly controls. Thе sеating is plush and accommodating, making long journеys a brееzе. Safеty fеaturеs arе top-notch, еnsuring pеacе of mind on thе road. Ovеrall, thе Mеrcеdеs Bеnz GLS is a standout choicе for thosе sееking a luxurious and capablе SUV.

  • Stylish design and enjoyable SUV.

    I recently had the opportunity to test drive the Mercedes Benz S-class and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. From its stylish exterior design to its comfortable interior, this SUV is truly a delight to drive. The performance is impressive, with smooth acceleration and responsive handling. The spacious cabin provides ample legroom and headspace for all passengers, making long journeys a breeze. The advanced safety features give me peace of mind on the road, knowing that I am well-protected. Overall, my experience with the Mercedes Benz S-class has been nothing short of excellent. I highly recommend it to anyone in search of a reliable and enjoyable SUV.


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S-Class Price Key Highlights

Ex-Showroom Price Rs. 1,71,00,000
S-Class RTO in Delhi Rs. 23,08,500
S-Class Insurance Cost Rs. 6,87,548
On Road Price Rs. 2,00,96,048
S-Class Monthly Installment Rs. 3,26,992 per month @ 10%

Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying S-Class

Q. What is the price of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class?
  • Mercedes Benz S-Class is priced from INR 1.71 - 2.17 Cr (Ex-showroom Price in New Delhi). You may click on the given link and select your city accordingly for an estimated on-road price.
S-Class Questions and Answers

S-Class Ownership Cost

  • Spare Parts Price
  • Head Light (Left or Right )
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 76878
    GST Price :- 21525
    Total Price :- 98403
  • Tail Light (Left or Right)
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 35564
    GST Price :- 9957
    Total Price :- 45521
  • Radiator
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 88406
    GST Price :- 24753
    Total Price :- 113159
  • Bulb
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 1669
    GST Price :- 467
    Total Price :- 2136
  • Fog Lamp (Left Or Right)
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 37206
    GST Price :- 10417
    Total Price :- 47623
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Mercedes-Benz S-Class
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Rs. 1.71 Crore
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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Price FAQs

What is the ex-showroom price of the top petrol variant of Mercedes-Benz S-Class in Delhi?

The ex-showroom price of the top petrol variant of Mercedes-Benz S-Class is 1.84 Crore in Delhi.

What is the price of Mercedes-Benz S-Class top variant in Delhi?

The top variant is Mercedes-Benz S-Class S400d 4Matic and the on-road price is Rs 2.54 Crore in Delhi.

What is the price of Mercedes-Benz S-Class base variant in Delhi?

The base variant is Mercedes-Benz S-Class S 350d and the on-road price is Rs 2.00 Crore in Delhi.

What is the ex-showroom price of the top diesel variant of Mercedes-Benz S-Class in Delhi?

Mercedes-Benz the ex-showroom price of the top diesel variant of S-Class is 2.17 Crore.

What is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class on-road price Delhi?

The on-road price of the base variant of Mercedes-Benz S-Class in Delhi is Rs 2,00,96,048.

What are the RTO charges for Mercedes-Benz S-Class in Delhi?

The RTO Charges for the base variant of Mercedes-Benz S-Class in Delhi will be Rs 23,08,500.

What is the insurance cost of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in Delhi?

The insurance cost of the base variant of Mercedes-Benz S-Class in Delhi is Rs. 6,87,548.

What is the Ex-showroom price of Mercedes-Benz S-Class in Delhi?

The Ex-showroom price of the base variant of Mercedes-Benz S-Class in Delhi is Rs 1,71,00,000.

What will be the EMI & Down payment of Mercedes-Benz S-Class?

The Down payment of the base variant of Mercedes-Benz S-Class is Rs 50,39,789 and the EMI is 3,30,791.


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